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Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home Security & Safety for a Worry-Free Holiday

Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home Security & Safety for a Worry-Free Holiday

Person holding phone and security camera on tableThe holiday season brings about festive cheer, the warmth of family gatherings, and exquisite feasts. However, this time of year can also encourage uninvited visitors and safety concerns as some states report increases in burglaries and home invasions during the holiday season.

Is your house or apartment protected from the scrooges and grinches looking to steal your holiday cheer? And how safe is the inside of your home? Check out these 14 affordable ways to help increase the safety and security of your household, whether you’re going out of town or bringing the celebrations home to you.

How To Increase Home Security

Safeguarding your home against potential burglaries doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive process. From getting a home security system to placing privacy seals on your windows, you can increase your chances of protecting your family and home from the greatest of criminals.

Get a Home Security System

Homes without a security system in place are often more likely to be on the receiving end of a burglary — making this one of the best home security measures to consider. Since different security systems vary in effectiveness and price, it’s best to select one that fits your needs and budget.

There are many affordable home security systems on the market that connect to your in-home WiFi. These smart home security systems can connect straight to your smartphone, so you’re always able to keep an eye on things no matter where you are! Make sure to upgrade your smartphone before powering up your security system to get the most out of your smart home features!

Let Intruders Know You’re Protected

Strategically place security signs and decals in your front and back yard (consider adding “Beware of Dog” signs as well). If thieves know an alarm will sound upon entry, this cheap and simple idea will make them think twice before attempting to break-in.

Windows Are the Eyes to the Home

Your windows are your home’s most vulnerable entry-point. Not only are they made of fragile glass, but they can also expose the furnishings and ongoings within your household.

Pay special attention to furniture placement by ensuring that valuable items like large TVs or computers are not visible from the street or at close range. Check for any weak spots by observing your windows from the outside of your home. Another way to mitigate this issue is by keeping your blinds and curtains closed at all times.

Get privacy seals for your windows. Not only do these keep prying eyes at bay, but they also make your glass more resistant to shattering if someone attempts to break a window. This is an inexpensive project you can do yourself all while strengthening your peace of mind and adding a literal layer of protection to your home.

Let There Be Light

Crooks are not nearly as successful when they’re deceived or left feeling exposed, and making sure that your home has sufficient lighting can help accomplish both.

Installing motion-activated lights is another cheap and affordable DIY that can increase home security and stop crooks in their tracks before they ever arrive at your front door. Get a light switch timer, hook it up to your lights and other home electronics, and program it to mimic your schedule. This will minimize the possibility of potential burglars noticing your absence.

Make Sure Your Home Looks Occupied

Take your security efforts one step further by making sure that your home continues to feel and look as though you never left. Keep your lawn service going while you’re on holiday. An unkempt yard can be a sign that no one is home.

Have a trustworthy neighbor or friend keep a lookout, collect your mail, and guard your spare key. And if possible, ask them to check your home periodically to make sure that everything remains in its rightful place while you’re away.

Additional Measures

These additional measures may seem like obvious ways to increase home security, but sometimes we need a little reminder. So be sure to put these tips into action, and protect your home in the most fundamental ways possible.

Lock Everything

Make sure you lock everything — including, but not limited to, your basement, garage, windows, fences, gates, and any vehicles you may be leaving behind. Double-check everything before departing on your trip, and remain very selective with whom you share your security alarm code and spare keys. If you or a family member has given your alarm code to someone you suspect may not be trustworthy, be sure to change it before leaving town.

Hide Your Valuables

According to the FBI, a burglary usually takes anywhere between 8 and 10 minutes. This means that if they can break into your home, their goal will be to get in and out as quickly as possible. So make finding your valuables (e.g., cash, jewelry, weaponry, or easy to carry electronics) a difficult feat!

Theft hotspots are the living room, master bedroom, and office. So place your valuables in rooms they are not likely to ransack, such as your laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom. In addition, find creative ways to hide your belongings. Some people like to place their valuables in empty food containers or even a false bottom drawer.

How To Make Your Home More Secure

Taking security measures against potential intruders is essential regardless of the holidays, but it’s important to remain diligent to the safety concerns inside your home as well. If you have children and/or older family members visiting for the holidays or residing in your household, make sure that your home is a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable haven by taking these additional precautions.

Beware of Fire Hazards

Keep your furniture away from anything that has an open flame or generates heat. Whether you’re stoking the fireplace for s’mores, lighting a candle, or turning on your radiator, protect your family and your home from preventable and possibly devastating house fires.

Get Reliable Furniture

Ensure that the furniture in your home is sturdy and reliable as this can also pose a risk to you, your family, and friends. Wobbly beds and tables, recliners with poor-functioning levers, and outdated mattresses may seem like small matters, but unstable furniture can result in serious inconveniences and even injuries.

To meet the needs of your children and pint-sized guests, remain proactive against avoidable incidents by replacing any bunk beds without guardrails or sturdy detachable ladders.

It may also be time to replace beds in your home if they are outdated or sagging in the center. Old beds and mattresses can cause chronic aches and pains or even collapse while you, your family, or guests are asleep.

Observe your home, and consider replacing any old and potentially dangerous furniture. Rent-to-own updated beds, sofas, tables, and recliners with flexible payment options and budget-friendly prices.

Anchor Your Furniture

If you have children or will have a few visiting over the holidays, it’s essential to anchor heavy furniture. Regardless of a child’s age, tip-over incidents are a possible threat to their safety. Making sure you have the right tools on hand can make anchoring your furniture a cheap and easy DIY project.

Whether you’re staying in or hitting the road for the holidays, your home can never be too safe or too secure. To relieve any anxiety, it’s best to take preventative steps rather than responding to an unexpected injury or home invasion. And doing so doesn’t have to be difficult or break the bank. So, put these ideas into practice to help boost your home security and peace of mind for a worry-free holiday!

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