10 S’mores Recipes You Haven’t Tried


Slightly burned marshmallows atop a hunk of milk chocolate and sandwiched between graham crackers is the stuff of sweets dreams. Think nothing can beat that campfire classic? Here are 10 recipes that put a twist on the old fave.

 Bacon Lovers S'more

Bacon Lovers: Chocolate and bacon? Paradise. Add it to a marshmallow and graham crackers? You’ll go hog wild. Ingredients: Cooked bacon + marshmallow + chocolate + graham crackers


Potato Potahto S'more

Potato Potahto: Love sweet potatoes baked with marshmallows, like Mom makes at Thanksgiving? You must try this. Ingredients: Mashed sweet potatoes + marshmallow + graham crackers


Caramel Creation S'more

Caramel Creation: If you think caramel on an apple or popcorn is good, just wait. Ingredients: Melted caramel + marshmallow + chocolate + graham crackers (bonus: coconut flakes)

 Superfood S'more

Superfood Scrumptiousness: The health benefits of blueberries with the decadence of dessert. Ingredients: Roasted blueberries (you can roast strawberries and raspberries, too) + marshmallow + graham crackers


Potato Chip Pizazz S'more

Potato Chip Pizazz: Crunch never tasted so awesome. Ingredients: Potato chips + marshmallow + chocolate + graham crackers


Rice Crispies Rules S'more Rice Crispies Rules: Snap, crackle, and pop your way to the best treat ever. Ingredients: Rice crispies square + chocolate + marshmallow + graham crackers


Peanut Butter Cup S'more

Peanut Butter Cup Richness: The name probably says all you need to know. Ingredients: Peanut butter cup + marshmallow + graham crackers


Cookie Delight S'more Cookie Delight: Any excuse to add chocolate? We understand. Ingredients: chocolate chip cookies (instead of graham crackers) + marshmallow + more chocolate (bonus: peanut butter)


Peppermint Patty S'more The Grasshopper: A twist on the mint chocolate standard. Ingredients: Peppermint patty + marshmallow + chocolate + graham crackers


Ginger Strawberry S'more

Ginger Greatness: A dessert rock star. Ingredients: Ginger snaps + strawberries + marshmallow + caramel chocolate square