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How to Separate Laundry Colors for Fresh & Fab Clothes

How to Separate Laundry Colors for Fresh & Fab Clothes

Woman folding laundryDon’t get us wrong — pink is so in right now, but letting a red sweater turn all of your white socks and tees pink is not the fashion statement you want to make. Even though it’s tempting to shove all of your laundry into the washer and hit start, there are easier and better ways to clean your laundry without tie-dying everything in the washing machine. Use these laundry sorting tips to get fresh, clean, and fabulous clothes out of every load!

Pull out any items labeled “hand wash” or “dry clean only.”

We’re all too familiar with the temptation to throw “hand wash only” delicates in cold water on the “delicate” setting and call it a day, but it’s not worth it! When you’re figuring out how to separate laundry, one of the most important things to understand is that not everything can be washed at home. Putting these special or delicate items in the washing machine is a surefire way to damage or ruin them. Set these aside, and either hand wash them or make a trip to your local dry cleaner.

Separate your clothes into whites, lights, and darks.

When you’re sorting your machine-washable clothes on laundry day, it’s essential to know how to separate laundry colors. A general rule of thumb is to make three piles of clothes: one for whites, one for light-colored garments, and one for dark-colored clothing. By washing these colors separately, you can avoid dark clothes bleeding onto light clothes and keep white garments from becoming dull and dingy.

While you should always consult the care labels on your clothing, each color category generally follows similar rules:

  • Hot water for white clothes
  • Cold water for darks and brights that can bleed
  • Warm water for everything else

Keep in mind that when it comes to removing stains, hot water is your best bet. So, if you’ve got a dark pair of pants or a bright top that has a stain, you’ll want to either pre-treat the stain, put it on a longer cycle, or both to ensure that you get that stain out!

Separate clothes again based on fabric type and weight.

When you’re separating clothes for laundry, another crucial step is separating them again based on their fabric. You don’t want to wash your heavy denim jacket with thin cotton fabrics. When you combine all types and weights of materials, the “sturdier,” rougher fabrics often cause a whole lot of wear and tear on your lighter, more delicate pieces.

Wash your jeans and denim separately for the first few washes.

If you’ve ever rocked a brand new pair of jeans only to discover your palms have turned a matching shade of blue, you know how much color new denim can lose! Avoid staining your other clothing by washing new jeans totally alone, at least for the first few washes. Make sure your favorite pair stays that perfect shade of blue by turning them inside out and washing them in cold water.

Clean delicates solo on the gentle cycle.

For your most “fragile” (yet still machine-washable) items of clothing, such as dress shirts and lacy pajama sets, your washer’s delicate setting is your best friend. Choose a mild detergent, and wash everything in cold water. If possible, choose the shortest spin cycle. Putting smaller items into a mesh washer bag is also a good idea, as this will reduce the risk of snags or other issues. Once washed, skip the dryer altogether and either hang or lay flat to dry.

Launder towels and sheets without any clothing, in HOT water.

There are three big reasons why you should always wash your towels and bedding without any of your clothing.

  • First, your towels and sheets get the dirtiest! Unlike your clothing, they’re used repeatedly before being washed, gathering dirt and sweat and skin cells. (Gross, but true!)
  • Second, your towels and bedding need a more vigorous wash to get clean than your clothing needs.
  • Third, when your clothes get wrapped up in your sheets, they don’t get a proper clean.

To make sure your bed linens are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, wash them in hot water using the heavy-duty or extra cleaning setting on your washing machine unless the care label says otherwise.

Set yourself up for success with must-have laundry essentials.

While it’s always a smart idea to remember these laundry sorting tips and guidelines, it’s hard to treat your clothes right with the wrong appliances.

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Look (& smell) fresh.

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