How to Shop for a Washer and Dryer

When you’re shopping for the right washer and dryer, there are many important factors to consider. From capacity to cycle, you can streamline the experience (and find the perfect home appliance) by following these three tips from Rent-A-Center:

Step 1: Consider Your Space
Before you begin shopping for your rent-to-own washer and dryer, take a few moments to measure the space. In addition to the actual size of the appliances, you’ll need to add an extra inch on both sides to ensure there’s enough ventilation for proper air circulation. Add another six inches of space for hook-ups, vents, and door clearance.

If you’re purchasing a top-loading machine, then you’ll also need to allow for an extra 20 inches above the appliance, which ensures that cabinets, hooks, or shelves won’t get in the way when you’re loading clothes.

Tip: Bring the measurements with you when shopping.

Step 2: Consider Capacity
How many people will be using the washer and dryer? How many loads do you anticipate each week? The answer to these questions will help to determine the right washer capacity. The greater the capacity, the more laundry the washer and dryer can hold.

For example, standard-size washer drums are 3.5 to 5 cubic feet deep. As a point of reference, a family of three to four typically requires a washer with 4 cubic feet or more for maximum efficiency. Rent-A-Center features washers with capacities ranging from 2.1 cubic feet to 7 cubic feet.

Step 3: Focus on Features
Features impact the way a washer and dryer perform. For example, a fast spin cycle removes excess water and shortens dryer time, and that saves you money on utility bills. (Many of the appliances at RAC are Energy Star qualified, which means they’re designed to be energy efficient.) Some models have a spin cycle that runs up to 700 rotations per minute.

Other features include electronic controls, which enable you to quickly choose cycles, and LED displays, which keep you in the know by showing the remaining cycle time and wash status. In addition, a built-in dispenser offers timely release of detergent, bleach, and softeners.

When it comes to energy use for dryers, most use about the same amount. However, you can influence the overall performance with settings such as choice of heat level, timed options, auto dry, and fabric type.

Rent-A-Center has some of the world’s top brands in washers and dryers, such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, and LG.  And with our Worry-Free Guarantee, delivery and setup are included with your rent-to-own washer and dryer purchase. Stop by your nearest store or shop online to find the perfect rental appliances today.