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4 Easy Ways to Make a Payment at Rent-A-Center

4 Easy Ways to Make a Payment at Rent-A-Center

mother and daughter shopping on tabletRenting furniture, appliances, and electronics from Rent-A-Center is a convenient and accessible way to get the stuff you need when you need it! However, it can be easy to forget to make your weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly payments on time.

But don’t worry! At Rent-A-Center, we know you want the best of both worlds — convenient ways to own, and equally convenient bill payment options, which is why we offer a variety of ways to pay! Whether you prefer talking to someone at the store or by phone, setting up online payments, or even paying your Rent-A-Center bill in cash — we’ve got a solution for you! Read all about Rent-A-Center’s different payment methods below!

1. Pay Your Rent-A-Center Bill in Cash

Do you believe that cash is king? If you prefer carrying dollar bills over credit cards, you may find it difficult to get certain retailers to accept your payment. However, when you rent-to-own with Rent-A-Center, you can make your payments in hard cash at various retailers like Dollar General®, CVS™, and 7-Eleven®!

How do I make my Rent-A-Center payment in cash? At the start of your lease-purchase agreement with Rent-A-Center, you’ll receive a paper or digital bill with a barcode. When you need to make a payment, visit a participating retailer near you and scan your barcode at the register. You can then hand over your cash or preferred tender type, and your account will be credited immediately. Keep in mind, a $1.50 convenience fee will apply and make sure you hang onto the receipt for your records!

Why does paying this way make good cents?

  • If you don’t have a credit or debit card handy, you can use cash to pay your bill with ease.
  • If you’re ready to make a payment on a Sunday, but your local Rent-A-Center is closed, you can still make an in-person payment at any one of the 60,000+ stores in our retailer network.
  • If you are not super tech-savvy (and would prefer not to contact us by phone), you can pay your Rent-A-Center bill with the same ease of buying a candy bar from a convenience store.

2. Pay Your Rent-A-Center Bill by Phone

No WiFi? No problem! Our friendly customer service team is only one phone call away — ready to help you make payments, upgrade your items, or start a new lease-purchase agreement. Call your local Rent-A-Center to pay with a card from Visa or Mastercard, keeping in mind that a $1.99 convenience fee may apply.

Why does paying this way make good cents?

  • If you don’t have a reliable internet connection (or aren’t that tech-savvy), you can quickly contact your Rent-A-Center location to pay your bill.
  • If you have questions about how much you owe or how your lease-purchase agreement works, the Rent-A-Center associate on the other end of the call can provide you with answers on-the-spot!

3. Pay Your Rent-A-Center Bill In-Person

Want to pay your Rent-A-Center bill and get some retail therapy in, too? Stop by the Rent-A-Center where you started your agreement to make your payment in person! While you’re at it, you can also check out our latest deals on smart TVs, washer and dryer sets, and name brand furniture!

Why does paying this way make good cents?

  • If you prefer in-person interactions, our friendly customer service team will always be happy to answer any questions about our rent-to-own products or just chit chat about the weather!
  • If you need to rent additional furniture, appliances, or electronics, you can browse our selection and start your application while paying your bill: two birds, one stone.
  • If you want to freeze your payments, inquire about our Worry-Free Guarantee, or find out more about how Rent-A-Center works, you can get quick, straightforward answers in person.

4. Pay Your Rent-A-Center Bill Online

Wish you could make payments with a snap of your fingers? With a couple of taps, you can. Visit our online payment center or download the Rent-A-Center app for Android or IOS to get started. Sign into or create a Rent-A-Center account, using the agreement number on your rental receipt. If you can’t find your agreement number, call your local store to retrieve it!

Once you’re logged in, follow the prompts on your screen to pay your bill using a debit card or credit card. If you wish to do so, you can set up automatic payments online, too!

Why does paying this way make good cents?

  • If you’re out of town or far from the Rent-A-Center where you made your agreement, you can still make payments anywhere and anytime as long as you have a reliable internet connection!
  • If you’re juggling multiple bills and to-do’s, you can easily set up automatic payments to take one thing off your mind.
  • Get a special offer by enrolling in AutoPay! When you set-up AutoPay, you’ll get 1 week off after 4 payments! Check-in with your Rent-A-Center store to learn more about this benefit.

Rent Worry-Free with Flexible Payment Options

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your TV or need to replace your refrigerator ASAP, Rent-A-Center gives you flexible ways to rent the items you need and convenient ways to pay for them! Visit your local Rent-A-Center or shop rent-to-own items online to explore our budget-friendly payment plans.

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