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Starting Fresh or Starting Over: 6 Affordable Tips for Decorating Your Home from Scratch

Starting Fresh or Starting Over: 6 Affordable Tips for Decorating Your Home from Scratch

Smiling couple packing boxes in bright living room.You’ve been looking at the same furniture for years. Your paint colors haven’t been updated in a decade, and your wall art is in desperate need of replacement. You deserve to have a home you love, so why not start fresh? Learn to decorate a room from scratch and create your dream home vibe, all while keeping things budget-friendly!

How to Decorate a New Home From Scratch

1. Sell your outdated furniture.

Want to put some cash in your pocket for new living room furniture? Sell your old stuff! Your old couch might clash with your personal decorating style, but it could be perfect for someone else’s. You don’t have to live with your old, tired pieces anymore, and you’ll be able to stretch your decorating budget even further. If you don’t want or need to sell them but still need to get them out of your house, many charitable organizations and thrift stores will pick up large furniture items as donations, which saves you the time and hassle of moving them.

2. Choose a few larger furniture pieces that you truly love (rather than too many small ones).

Want to know how to redecorate a room with a big impact, but a small budget? Make sure you get the most bang for your buck with everything you buy. Instead of buying five or six small pieces of furniture to fill the space, buy two or three large anchor pieces you love (like a living room bundle with a couch, loveseat, and recliner). You can always add an accent chair to any room for more seating, but choose your larger pieces first.

3. Before you start decorating, consider the size and scale of your furniture.

Need to know how to decorate a room from scratch AND make it feel intentional and put-together? Pay attention to the size of your furniture in relation to the size of your room. If you’re decorating a large living room, for example, look for large-scale couches. And find furniture bundle deals to achieve the big impact you’re seeking.

Ready to make your small bedroom feel larger than life? Get a small, but bold headboard, dresser, and mattress bundle as a starting point for your cozy, hotel-like retreat. To ensure you’re getting the right-sized items for your home, always measure your space before shopping. Be sure your dream furniture will fit and leave plenty of space to maneuver around it.

4. Choose a color scheme for your home.

Have you ever noticed what all the well-decorated homes on social media have in common? A cohesive color scheme! From paint colors to rugs to throw blankets, your home will look sophisticated if you center your room design around colors that work well together.

Neutral colors are easily adaptable if your style changes in the future, and you can always add seasonal flair with accent colors for your home. Create a cost-effective focal point with a painted accent wall in a fun or moody color, and watch the four walls of your home come to life!

5. Fill in the details.

Lamps, accessories, and textiles can take a home from “fine” to “fabulous,” so don’t skip the details! Some furniture bundle deals take the guesswork out of choosing matching lamps, but you can also mix and match lamps that add extra style to your room — without spending tons of extra cash. Add a throw pillow (or several!) to your big furniture pieces, and opt for stylish stacks of books or decorative baskets on top of coffee tables or side tables.

6. Don’t forget about tech and appliance upgrades!

You might not think about appliances and electronics as “decorating” items, but they can go a long way in making your home extra comfortable for you and your family. Plus, who doesn’t love the sleek look and feel of stainless steel appliances?

Give your worn-out appliances the boot! Shop new kitchen appliance bundles to give your kitchen a restaurant-worthy upgrade, and make laundry feel luxurious with washer and dryer bundles that have all the features you want and deserve. And, no living room is complete without the perfect home theater setup!

How to Decorate Your New Home on a Budget

Ready to revamp and refresh your home? Get started with help from your local Rent-A-Center. Many of our rent-to-own options allow you to build your own bundle for maximum savings. From washer and dryer bundles to living room bundles, the possibilities never end. And with free same-day delivery** and our flexible payment options, you can make your dream home aesthetic a reality as soon as today — all without credit!

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