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Dream Big! 3 Tips for Better Dreams

Dream Big! 3 Tips for Better Dreams

Man laying awake in bedWaking with a fright due to a nightmare or recurrent dream isn’t just scary. It can mess with your sleep schedule, which can mess with your life during the day! Don’t keep letting bad dreams get between you and a good night’s rest — use these tips to learn how to have better dreams.

1. Put your worries to bed.

Psychology Today recommends clearing your mind of things that worry you and filling it with pleasant thoughts before bed. However, if you’ve ever experienced stress in your life, you know this is easier said than done.

Journaling is a quick and practical way to help you offload some stress when you get to bed, and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming! After you’ve done your regular bedtime routine, jot down your three priorities for tomorrow and at least three things you’re thankful for today. That way, you can lay your head down knowing you won’t forget your to-do list, and you have a couple ta-das to think of as you fall asleep.

You can supercharge the journaling technique by doing it right after an activity you usually find relaxing, like reading, walking your pup, or taking a bath!

2. Be strategic about dinner.

If you’ve ever gone to bed immediately after eating hot buffalo wings, spicy crawfish etouffee, or other hot and greasy foods — you may have noticed that you didn’t sleep as soundly as you thought you would. If you can relate, you’re not alone, a lot of people have had similar experiences!

Lifehacker reports that spicy food can raise body temperature, which disturbs your sleep patterns and may lead to bad dreams. Additionally, the publication also says that sugary foods and overeating before bedtime may trigger brain waves which are associated with nightmares!

If you want to have better dreams (or have less nightmares) try adjusting your dinner menu and schedule. Having your last bite at least two hours before bed and opting for a light dinner over hot and heavy junk food may help you banish bad dreams. Consider following dinner with a warm cup of chamomile or mint tea for an extra soothing touch.

3. Change your (sleeping) stance.

According to Everyday Health, your sleeping position may affect the quality of your dream content. Interestingly, the article reports that back-sleepers tend to have more nightmares than those who sleep on their sides or bellies. Plus, side-sleepers who lay on their right tend to have more positive dreams than left-side snoozers! Consider switching up your sleep position and see how it affects your dreams.

If you can’t fall or stay asleep in a certain pose, take a long hard look at your mattress! Notice if your pillow top or euro top’s cushion has dips and bumps in it. If so, it might be molded in a way that “forces” your body into a certain shape, making it hard to change your sleep position.

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