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Fans Want to Know: What’s the Best TV for Watching Sports?

Fans Want to Know: What’s the Best TV for Watching Sports?

No fan wants to watch their favorite team from an obstructed view seat — but that’s what happens every time you settle for a sub-par TV. Stop settling. It’s time to upgrade to a TV with excellent brightness, consistent screen uniformity, fast motion handling, and even better audio. Feast your eyes on what today’s 4K TVs have to offer and keep up with the best games, plays, and top moments.

 A TV with High Resolution, Great Brightness, and Screen Uniformity

Remember when the power failed in the Superdome during Super Bowl XLVII? The game was stopped until the power was restored. The reason was obvious: you have to be able to see the game!

 4K UHD TVs definitely let you see the screen — at four times the display resolution of a 1080p HD TV. Programming broadcast in the common 16:9 aspect ratio puts close to 8.3 million pixels at your command. Don’t forget about the brightness! There’s no point in having that super sharp image if the screen is too dark to see. A 4K TV with an LED LCD display will give you the brightness you need to see all the action, even in brightly lit rooms. This display type also offers consistent screen uniformity, which means the brightness and color are even across the entire screen.

 Phrased another way: the remarkable detail served up by 4K UHD TVs from top manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Skyworth give you the best seat in the house. You can’t go wrong with these brands.

 A TV with Fast Motion Handling and Amazing Audio

 Want the absolute best 4K TV for watching sports? Another crucial feature to keep an eye out for is Motion Rate (MR) 120. This enhances fast-moving images to reduce the blur that keeps you from seeing all the action of the big game. You get crystal clear images of players running down the field, dribbling around the court, and skating across the ice. 

But for the best at-home sports viewing experience, you can’t rely on the picture alone. TVs with Dolby® sound ensure you hear every bone-crunching open-field tackle, crack of the bat, and the roar of the crowd. Never miss out on a big moment on the field or an important note from commentators. These benefits and more help make the decision to continue limping along with your tired old TV set or upgrading to, say, a great 75-inch or 85-inch 4K UHD TV an easy one!

A TV You Can See from Anywhere in the Room

Those 8.3 million pixels we mentioned? They offer more than just a stunning picture. Their sheer density makes it possible to get closer to the action without seeing the pixels responsible for composing all that sports excitement onscreen. (How close? Check out our TV-sizing guide here!)

Whether we’re talking about an audience of one or a roomful of friends and family, the best type of TV for watching sports is the one that allows everyone to share in each tremendous first down, slam dunk, or home run. No matter if they’re sitting front and center on your sectional or grazing at the snack table, everyone should have a great view of your television on game day. Just make sure those guests are as comfortable as possible with comfortable furniture that makes them feel right at home! 

Score Big with 4K TVs at Rent-A-Center

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