An Easy — and Beautiful — Fall Flower Arrangement

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Fresh flowers are something special, but a beautiful bouquet can cost a lot. We show you how to make a dazzling fall flower arrangement using two inexpensive bouquets from the grocery store.

What you need:

  • 2 grocery store flower bouquets
  • Scissors or plant clippers
  • Clear tape
  • A vase

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Before You Start: Select two grocery store bouquets that contain an arrangement of seasonal blooms in different colors and textures. It’s best to choose arrangements that include contrasting colored blooms and a variety of different sized flowers. Once you’re ready to start arranging, cut off any thorns and remove the majority of the leaves from each stem (leave a little at the top near the flower). Cut the stems about one and a half times the height of your vase, leaving a few accent stems a bit taller.



  • Make a grid across the top of your vase by criss-crossing clear tape. This will help the flowers stay in position.


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  • We used red tape here so you could get the idea! But remember to use clear tape to create the grid for your arrangement, so all you’ll see is your beautiful flowers.



  • Fill your vase halfway with fresh water.


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  • Select a few flowers and greenery to use as a base for your arrangement.



  • Add these base stems around the bottom of the vase and in the center. Use the tape grid to help the stems stand upright or at an angle.



  • When adding the flowers, cut some of the stems a bit shorter to provide interest and depth for your arrangement.



  • Add a few bold, colorful accents to each edge of the arrangement.



  • Now add in the focal or largest flowers, making sure to include one in the center of your arrangement.



  • Sprinkle in a few additional bright accents.



  • Fill in any blank spaces with lighter accents. The greenery and flowers you used initially for your base often works well in these areas.


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