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Put This Washer and Dryer on Your Laundry List

Your clothes washing regimen is about to get an overhaul. Here’s a new LG washer and dryer that are so streamlined and technologically advanced that you’ll wonder how you got by before. Here are five reasons you should put the LG1201TLCV LG Ultra Large Capacity Front Control Top Load Washer and SteamDryer™ on your laundry list.

1. Sleek Controls

These are the sleekest control panels you’ve ever seen on a washer and dryer, and they’re right up front, so you can see and use them easily. Each button is a touch point to a world of convenience. The washer has eight washing programs, five temperature settings, and a delay-wash button (up to 19 hours). The dryer has 12 drying programs and four temperature settings. And just wait until you find out about the fabric care innovations.

2. Technology Galore

Clothes have never had it so good. The LG1201TLCV washer offers the SmartRinse™ Jet Spray System to rinse clothes more efficiently (thereby saving water). WaveForce™ technology eliminates the need for a rough-and-tough agitator by moving and spinning the water — not the clothes. There’s also a ColdWash™ option, which uses 51 percent less energy.

The LG1201TLCV dryer has SteamFresh™ technology, which reduces wrinkles and odors. A Sensor Dry System automatically turns the appliance off once clothes are dry.

3. The Option to Top-Load

The washer is a top-loader, but the dryer gives you the option of top-loading or front-loading, and a Slam Proof™ lid means it won’t break, no matter how annoyed you are at the amount of laundry piled up.

4. Tons of Room

The washer has an extra-large, 4.5-cubic-foot capacity, which means you can wash more items at once, equalling fewer loads overall. The dryer’s 7.3-cubic-foot capacity can handle an entire washed load with ease — including blankets.

5. The Perfect Places for Products

The LG1201TLCV washer has a single pull-out drawer at the back of the machine that holds the precise amount of detergent and fabric softener you need to get the job done. There’s a separate, easy-to-reach compartment for bleach.

The only problem with this pair? It doesn’t fold and put away the clothes. That’s all you.

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