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All Grown Up? Cheap Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas That She’ll Adore

All Grown Up? Cheap Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas That She’ll Adore

Smiling tween girl embracing sitting mother and smiling.The transition from childhood to adolescence is hugely influential on identity. If your girl is growing up, chances are you’re bearing witness to a lot of change. Our advice to parents out there? Allow her to embrace the person she’s becoming!

In this time, you’ll likely be faced with opposition on a few fronts. Laying down the law when it comes to cell phone use and time with friends can, unfortunately, drive a wedge between you and your independent dependent. If you’re looking for an opportunity to recognize and aid in her evolution, helping her make changes to her bedroom environment can be a great way to create closeness.

This project can help you and your tween bond, showing that you see and support the changes she’s going through. So, if your tween’s bedroom is representative of a time past, it’s time for a major makeover! Here are a few cheap tween girl bedroom ideas for your not-so-little girl’s room.

Versatility First

As your daughter enters into adolescence, she’ll also enter an age of experimentation. That means her style, hobbies, interests, and identity will probably change a thousand times over! Before zeroing in on super-specific design choices, make sure you account for a little adaptability.

Interior design makeovers can be time-consuming, so you’ll want the look to last! The bedroom’s layout should outlive any trends your tweenager may be interested in. With this simple tip in mind, you can create an aesthetic that will last throughout her high school experience and beyond.

With that being said, versatility doesn’t mean you can’t play around with style! Tween girl bedroom wall decor paired with smart choices in furniture can create a style combination that makes the whole family happy.

Rustic Sophistication

One way to infuse style without overdoing it is by choosing pieces that exude rustic sophistication. Soft neutrals, metal accents, and distressed materials lend to an environment that feels homey and approachable yet still refined.

Rent-A-Center’s Wynnlow 6 PC Bedroom Suite comes with everything you need to create this kind of comforting ambiance. It includes a headboard, footboard, rails, dresser, mirror, and nightstand — all of the makings of a grown-up girl’s bedroom. These pieces exhibit a versatile gray color with contrasting black hardware, thus allowing your tween to put her own spin on the rest of the decor.

Ornate Elegance

Improving a room’s interior isn’t about eliminating style choices; it’s about elevating what’s already there! Take your tween’s bedroom from girly to chic by bringing in a look of ornate elegance.

The Realyn 6 PC Bedroom Suite by Rent-A-Center creates an elegant atmosphere without being over-the-top. This selection comes with a headboard, footboard, rails, dresser, mirror, and nightstand to fully set up your tween girl’s space. These pieces are made in a traditional cottage design and sport a romantic antiqued finish. Altogether, this suite set will instantly upgrade your girl’s room!

Low-Pressure Decorating

When it comes to interior design, it’s okay to change your mind. Choosing furniture may seem like a binding decision, and it can be — if you’re buying full price. When it comes to tween girl bedroom ideas, this predicament can be especially tricky.

Luckily, Rent-A-Center’s rent-to-own bedroom furniture plans make upgrading and changing your furniture easy and affordable. With low upfront prices, bite-sized payments, and no credit option*, you can confidently rent name-brand items for the whole family.

Stop by a Rent-A-Center near you or peruse our online options — your tween’s much-needed bedroom makeover is more convenient than you may think!

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