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My TV Got Wet. Can I Fix It?

My TV Got Wet. Can I Fix It?

Maybe the apartment above yours has sprung a water leak. Or perhaps your teen tripped in the living room, spilling soda all over the TV. Either way, now your TV is wet, and it’s not working like it used to. Learn what to do if your TV got wet and how to know when it’s time to shop for a new one.

What to do if there’s minimal TV water damage.

A small spill or minimal condensation on your TV may not cause irreparable damage as long as the water doesn’t reach the primary power sources. But even just a small amount of water on the circuit board can lead to permanent TV damage and short-circuiting.

Start by unplugging the TV. Then, wipe up the water with a non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching your screen. Give your TV plenty of time to dry, and ensure that every drop of water has been wiped up so that it doesn’t soak into your television.

Tip: Avoid using a hairdryer to dry off the TV as it could warp the screen.

What to do if there’s heavy water damage.

If your TV has sustained heavy water damage, it’s likely beyond repair, and you may need to replace or upgrade your television. However, any attempted repairs should be done by a professional.

Allow your TV to fully dry and have it inspected by a certified technician. A professional will be better equipped when determining the extent of the damage. Taking your television apart yourself could put you at risk of serious injury and may void the warranty. It’s always best to check your TV manufacturer’s warranty information before having any repair work done.

What to do if your screen is water damaged.

If you have a water-damaged TV screen, you’ll likely know pretty quickly once you’ve turned it on. A water-damaged LCD screen is usually not repairable, as water can settle between the layers of the liquid crystal display and can be very difficult to dry. In this situation, consider replacing your water-damaged TV with a new one.

Tip: Leaving your TV in a high humidity environment can also cause water damage, so it’s always best to place your TV in a climate-controlled room.

What to do if your TV remote has water damage.

Your TV’s remote control may be a little more forgiving of water damage than your television. If you’ve spilled water on your remote, quickly remove the battery cover and batteries. Then, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe all the water off the remote. If the water spill was minimal and doesn’t appear to have gotten inside, wiping it and setting it out to dry should be enough.

If there was a big spill or the remote was submerged in water, it likely has internal water damage, making it less likely to continue working. Remove the battery cover and batteries, wipe the remote down, and place the remote in a zip-top bag filled with dry rice. Let the remote sit for 1-2 days before removing.

Water damaged TV? It’s time for a new one!

Replacing a water-damaged TV remote may not be as big of a deal with tons of universal and replacement remotes available. But a water-damaged TV is a different story!

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