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The Perfect Way to Entertain at Home

The Perfect Way to Entertain at Home

Between the occasional night out with friends and regular family outings, your monthly entertainment budget can dry up quickly. But with the right set-up, you can entertain at home month after month without breaking the bank.

Date Night
Set the mood without ever leaving the house. Re-create the cozy, romantic atmosphere of your favorite Italian restaurant at your own dining table. Ashley’s six-piece Lacey set features a bar-height table with faux-marble top, bar stools and benches. Even if you were to buy accent items like an occasional table, lamps, and an instant-ambiance fireplace to help set the scene, the cost of a weekly date night at home adds up to only a fraction of the cost of routine dinners out. All you have to add is the perfect bottle of red wine and homemade spaghetti.

Catching the Game

The average price of taking a family of four to a baseball game is almost $220. Allow us to pitch a better idea: Create a luxury ballpark sky box in your living room, complete with recliners, couches, and a large-screen HDTV that puts everyone in the center of the action. With peanuts, popcorn, and handmade fan posters, your family can enjoy authentic ball game experiences all season long.

Night at the Movies
A movie ticket today averages nearly $9, which adds up to about $36 for a family of four. Once everyone gets their popcorn, soda, and candy, that number has doubled or, in some cases, nearly tripled. Cast your next movie night in your own home, where you can watch from much more comfortable seating, like a sectional sofa. Rediscover your favorite movies on an eye-popping LED TV. Mix up some peanut butter pretzel popcorn (this recipe puts theater fare to shame), and you’ll wonder why anyone goes out to the movies.

Game Night
Skip the crowds, noise, expensive swipe cards, and limited play time at the arcade. Instead, invite your friends over for a video game tournament that can last long into the night — and costs a lot less. Rent-A-Center has PlayStation and Xbox video game consoles.

Backyard Music Festival
Summer concerts in the great outdoors sound like fun until you see the ticket prices, which are rarely under $40. This summer, get permission from your neighbors (or even better, give them an invitation), then host your own music festival. With a rockin’ rent-to-own home theater system from Rent-A-Center, you can boogie, disco, samba, spin, and strut for a lot less all summer long.

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