Budget-Friendly Date Ideas

Budget-Friendly Date Night Ideas

Planning an evening of fun and romance? We’ve got four budget-friendly date ideas to help you create a night to remember.

Dine In: The thought of dining in could make your date yawn, but make it special by re-creating his or her favorite restaurant with the right music, candles, flowers, and your homemade version of a favorite meal. And don’t forget dancing: Dim the lights and your living room rug doubles as a dance floor just for two.

Twinkle Toes: You don’t have to be suave to sweep someone off their feet. Lead your love to the dance floor and go for a spin. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a ballroom, line dancing or at your local nightclub, dancing the night away is a night well spent.

Say Cheese: Pretend you’re both new to town, and take your date on a tour of the city capturing pictures at every cheesy tourist trap. If there are stops along the way you’ve already visited, recreate the photos from the last visit. To add to the fun, get a photo booth kit (available at any party store) of mustaches, big glasses and other props. Don’t have a fancy camera? No problem. Use a smartphone with camera and video capabilities built in.

Get Jazzy: No matter where you live, small clubs, bars and off-the-beaten-path venues in your town likely feature as-yet-unknown musicians. Lucky for you, ticket prices can often be as low as a movie ticket and the lights low enough for stolen kisses.