Life Hacks Volume 1: How to Peel Garlic and More

How to peel garlic

We’re all pressed for time, so discovering ways to make everyday tasks easier is an organizational goldmine. Here are five ways to simplify your life using products or resources you already have at home.

Peel Garlic. Place the entire garlic blub into a dish or bowl and cover. Then shake it vigorously. The peel falls off and the clove stays intact.

Stop Squeaks. Over time, your shoes may squeak from wear, impact or moisture. An easy fix: Identify where the squeak is and apply baby powder or corn starch to the area.

Organize the Linen Closet. It takes patience and time to fold sheets, so most people just roll them up and toss them into the closet. Get organized by storing the sheet set inside a pillow case. This keeps the set together and allows the linens to line up nicely on the shelf.

Inked. If your pen explodes in your pocket, cover the spot with hairspray and wash. Hairspray removes the ink and restores the fabric color.

Stop Drips. Use cupcake liner to stop a Popsicle from dripping on to the carpet or furniture. Poke a hole through the center of the liner, and then place the Popsicle stick through it. A folded paper towel or napkin works too.

Get creative with everyday objects to save time and money. Share your experiences and discoveries with friends and family, and enjoy more free time.