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9 Fun Family Staycation Ideas to Enjoy This Summer

9 Fun Family Staycation Ideas to Enjoy This Summer

Who says you need to travel out of town for an unforgettable summer? Your ultimate vacation is closer than you think! Staycations are an excellent way to create lasting memories with family without breaking the bank or taking extended time off work. Check out these staycation ideas, and make this summer one to remember!

What is a Staycation?

A family staycation is a vacation spent at home or within your local area. Rather than traveling to a distant destination, staycationers take a break from their daily routines and engage in fun, relaxing, and enjoyable activities as if they were on a traditional vacation. The concept is simple—enjoy the comforts of home while exploring new and exciting experiences nearby.

Benefits of Enjoying a Staycation with Family

There are some pretty great perks when choosing to staycation. Here are a few family staycation benefits:

  • They can be more budget-friendly than a typical vacation: By saving on travel, transport, and accommodation expenses, you can enjoy quality time with family without breaking the bank.
  • You may experience less travel-related stress: From long flights with toddlers to packing and planning for several family members, traveling long distances can be overwhelming. Staycations minimize these stressors.
  • There’s more room for flexibility: You can plan activities that suit your family’s interests and schedules without the constraints of time or a fixed itinerary.

Summer Staycation Ideas for Family

1. Book a Local Hotel or Rental Experience

For a change of scenery, consider booking a night or two at a local hotel or vacation rental. Many accommodations offer fun, vacation-like amenities such as pools, game rooms, and complimentary breakfasts. Use this mini-getaway to explore your city from a tourist’s perspective. Visit nearby attractions, enjoy room service, and relish the luxury of a vacation without the hassle of long-distance travel.

Pro-Tip: If you really want to ensure your little ones have a blast, make a reservation at a kid-friendly hotel. Find one that offers amenities your children might enjoy, like kids’ clubs and activities, themed rooms, and more!

2. Create Your Own DIY Water Park

Transform your backyard into a water park to beat the summer heat! Set up sprinklers, fill up a kiddie pool, and bring out the water balloons and slip-and-slide. You can even create a mini splash pad using a tarp and a hose. Creating your own homemade water games is an inexpensive way to cool down and entertain the whole family.

3. Get Out for Cultural Exploration Day

Pretend to be tourists in your own city by researching cultural events happening nearby. Explore cultural districts, visit museums, stop by an art gallery, and attend local festivals you might not usually visit. You might even try different cuisines at local restaurants.

A cultural exploration day (or weekend!) can be an educational and enriching experience, helping your family learn about and appreciate diverse cultures in your area.

4. Set Up a Backyard Camping Adventure

Transform your backyard into a cozy campsite! Set up a tent, spread out sleeping bags, and hang twinkling fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere. Gather around a portable fire pit or grill for some marshmallow roasting and s’mores making.

Don’t forget to bring out the flashlights for some spooky ghost stories before bedtime. This simple setup brings the excitement of camping right to your doorstep, making it a perfect summer staycation idea with kids.

Pro-Tip: Not a fan of bugs or the unpredictability of being outside all night long? Consider creating a similar camping experience within the confines of your own living room!

5. Host a Backyard Movie Night

Host an outdoor movie night with your little ones and their friends. Set up a projector and hang a white sheet or use an inflatable screen. Arrange comfortable seating by pulling out your outdoor furniture, and prepare some popcorn and snacks. Choose a family favorite movie or discover a new one together under the stars. Just remember to gear up the bug and mosquito repellents before your outdoor adventure.

6. Plan a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Want to feel like you’re hiking through the forests or national parks of a different state? Plan a hike and nature scavenger hunt at a nearby park or nature reserve. Create a list of items for your kids to find, such as specific leaves, flowers, types of trees, birds, or rocks. Spending a day out exploring is an engaging way to learn about your local ecosystem while encouraging family fitness.

7. Organize Themed Dinner Nights

Spice up your meals with themed dinner nights. Choose a different theme for each night of the weekend and prepare corresponding dishes. For example, have an Italian night with homemade pizza and pasta, a Mexican night with tacos and nachos, and a Japanese night with sushi and ramen.

Let the kiddos help bring your themed dishes to life in the kitchen, and decorate the dining area according to the theme. This culinary adventure can make mealtime both exciting and educational for your family.

8. See Your Local Sites Like a Tourist

Discover the history of your area like you would on any overseas vacation by visiting local historical sites and landmarks. Research interesting facts about your town and create a self-guided tour. Visit museums, old buildings, monuments, and any notable sites. You might be surprised by the fascinating stories and heritage you’ll find right in your own backyard.

9. Enjoy a Day Full of Adventures in Your City

Plan a day full of adventurous activities in your city. Visit a trampoline park, indoor climbing gym, or go-kart track. Check for any seasonal activities like paddle boating or mini-golf. Even if these specific activities aren’t available where you live, the key is to try something new and thrilling, creating an adrenaline-filled day that feels like a real vacation adventure.

How to Plan a Family Staycation

Planning a family staycation involves a few key steps to ensure everyone has a fantastic time:

  • Set a Budget: Determine how much you want to spend. Staycations are generally cheaper, but having a budget helps in planning activities and experiences.
  • Create an Itinerary: Plan out the days with various activities, ensuring a mix of relaxation and fun. You might also consider including some indoor and outdoor activities to accommodate different weather conditions.
  • Get Everyone Involved: Ask family members for their input on what they’d like to do. Doing so ensures that everyone feels included and excited about the staycation plans.
  • Disconnect from Routine: Treat the staycation like a real vacation. Disconnect from everyday routines, put away work emails and chores, and focus on spending quality time together.
  • Plan Special Meals: Food is a big part of any vacation. Plan special meals, whether it’s cooking themed dinners at home or ordering from your favorite local restaurants.
  • Be Flexible: The beauty of a staycation is the flexibility. If something doesn’t go as planned, it’s easy to switch gears and try something else.
  • Embrace the Staycation Mindset: When you land in a new country or city, you’re excited and ready to try new foods, engage in unique activities, and embark on fresh adventures. Treat your staycation with the same excitement and commitment as you would an out-of-town trip.

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