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20 Really Fun Things to Do Under $20

20 Really Fun Things to Do Under $20

Family of four playing soccer in a sports fieldWhen’s the last time you had fun and didn’t feel financially stretched? Today can be that day! Check out these creative ideas for having fun for under $20. These almost-free activities are sure to put a smile on your face!

1. Explore the library

Check out your local library. In addition to books, libraries often have online entertainment offerings, allowing you to rent movies, learn languages, and read thousands of stories — all for free. Often, libraries also have summer programs with events like movie nights, book readings, and craft hours that are all free and open to the public.

2. Video game tournament

Invite friends and family over on the weekend for a video game, or play with friends in an online competition. Rent-A-Center offers video game consoles, arcade systems, TVs, laptops, and more at a low starting price, so you can have tons of fun without breaking the bank.

3. Visit the park

Visit your nearest city or state park, or do a little web sleuthing to find a new one of interest. It’s always great to spend time outside with friends and family, and you can also get to know your community better in the process. Plus, many parks double as exciting learning experiences, with historical and tree/wildlife interpretive signs to help you get to know the story and the non-human residents of your park!

4. Kids eat free nights

Lots of restaurants offer a “kids eat free” night during the week. If you’ve got little ones, it’s a great chance to give yourself a break from cooking and treat your family to a special night out. Check out RetailMeNot’s list of restaurants where kids eat free to help you decide where to go next!

5. Tackle a puzzle

Another fun thing to do for under $20 — buy a puzzle! There are a myriad of designs to suit every taste, and puzzles are an excellent family activity where you can all work as a team. Hours of fun for a very low price!

6. Host a game night

Board games never go out of style. Dust off your Monopoly, Parcheesi, or Settlers of Catan set, break out a few snacks, and you’re in for a treat. If you’ve got little ones, a deck of cards, and a couple of plastic utensils, a game of Spoons is a lively and kid-friendly way to get everyone in on the action.

7. Get together for a pick-up game

Invite friends over to play your favorite sport at home or a nearby park to work up a healthy sweat. Many local parks offer facilities to play games such as volleyball, disc golf, or badminton, all of which involve very little and inexpensive equipment and require only a few players!

8. Try out mini-golf

Another inexpensive way to get out of the house is to go to your local mini-golf course for a friendly round of competition with your kids. At many places, you can play 18 holes for as little as $5 per person!

9. Pick fruit at a local orchard

Want to be rewarded for your exercise? Visit a pick your own fruit and vegetable farm, where you can enjoy some fresh air and also bring home fresh produce for your family to enjoy.

10. Go camping… in your backyard

Explore the great outdoors just by walking outside. Pitch a tent in the backyard, roll out some sleeping bags, and enjoy a view of the night sky. You can also make indoor s’mores following this recipe from LMLD or cook up some hot dogs for an extra authentic camping experience.

11. Visit a local museum

Suppose you need an escape from the heat. In that case, museums will often have special free or discounted entry fees during the summer. This allows you and your family to absorb knowledge about culture, art, history, science, and more — all in a wonderfully air-conditioned space.

12. Check your city’s event calendar

Review your city’s local event calendar, or scroll through free events listed on social media apps like Facebook and Eventbrite to see what’s available in your area. You’d be surprised at how many free and family-friendly events you’ll find.

13. Volunteer

Spend time volunteering as a family to do good while having a good time. Giving back at the local animal shelter, food bank, or park clean-up are just a few fun — and free — ways to teach your little ones the importance of community service.

14. Create a waterpark at home

If you have a few trash bags, a sprinkler, and a hose, you can create a DIY slip and slide right in your backyard. It’s a great way to cool off in the summer heat without hurting your wallet.

15. Get crafty

Martha Stewart offers a long list of crafts that are kid- and budget-friendly. Review the options with your family and find one you can all get excited about. Then, visit your local craft store or creative reuse center to get your supplies. You can even raise the stakes by posting pictures of all your creations on social media, asking your friends and family to vote on the winner!

16. Organize a scavenger hunt

You can build your own adventure with a custom scavenger hunt. But rather than hunt for things, hunt for experiences. Create a photo scavenger hunt where players have to take a picture of a funny bumper sticker, a four-leaf clover, or themselves doing a human pyramid. The possibilities are endless!

17. Go on a bike ride

This simple activity is an excellent way to explore your neighborhood or city while getting a bit of exercise to boot.

18. Learn to fly a kite

Take advantage of a windy day by learning a new skill. This one is fun for both children and adults because who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a colorful kite soaring in the sky?

19. Have a DIY summer camp

Recreate the fun of summer camp for your kids, including activities, lodgings, and even camp food — all from the comfort of your very own home.

20. Be creative!

When it comes to enjoying a money-free weekend at home — or an entire summer — keep an open mind. There are endless possibilities, with plenty of fun things to do for under $20 if you keep your eyes open.

You don’t have to pinch pennies to have fun, especially with Rent-A-Center on your side. We have great deals on your favorite brands of electronics, appliances, furniture, computers, and smartphones, making it easier than ever to bring home big-ticket items your family wants.

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