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Splitting a Room Into Two: How to Do It Right

Splitting a Room Into Two: How to Do It Right

If space is a scarce resource in your home, you probably need two rooms for the price of one. Fortunately, you can create two distinct spaces with different functionalities by splitting a room into two – no construction projects required.

Whether you’re tight on square footage or simply want to make the most of a larger space, distinguishing between two spaces within one room is simple. Use these tips to get started.

1. Use different paint colors.

Wondering how to divide a small bedroom into two rooms when you don’t have an inch to spare? Paint or wallpaper are easy ways to visually break up a space. Add a large patch of a bright accent color above your desk to define a home office space, or create a dedicated bed nook with a calm, sleepy hue. You could even create an accent wall to serve as the backdrop for a small “living room.”

Wallpaper and paint can help you make sense of a space by working as a visual divider. What’s more — they require no extra floor space.

2. Lay down rugs to delineate.

Similar to paint, rugs can be used for splitting a large bedroom into two by helping the eye recognize the different “zones” of a 2-in-1 space. For example, laying a rug below your bed can create a border that separates a sleep space from the rest of the room. You might even create a workspace on one side of a large bedroom by arranging your home office furniture on a large area rug.

Rugs in contrasting patterns add color and interest while also helping you zone it for various spaces and uses.

3. Use room dividers or curtains.

One of the best ways to divide a bedroom is with the aptly named room dividers. Room dividers can also serve as beautiful room decor, with many featuring gorgeous images, designs, and materials. Propping up a decorative screen between your two spaces can quickly create a division. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can also be used as room dividers and are a beautiful way to partition a bedroom, with the additional benefit of full privacy when needed.

If you’re up for a bit more handiwork and the space allows, consider more permanent additions to divide two distinct areas. Add accordion or sliding doors to create two spaces or block off a nook. By choosing a glass door, you can get the same effect without losing any natural light or making the space feel closed off from the rest of your home.

4. Split the room with furniture.

Hoping to learn how to divide a bedroom into two rooms without breaking out the paint or tool kit? Dividing the room can be as simple as creating two areas with matching, cohesive aesthetics. For example, by pairing a bedroom furniture set with different-yet-complementary living room pieces, you can effortlessly delineate the bedroom area.

Another way to create borders between spaces is by strategically arranging furniture. For example, rather than placing a large shelving unit against the wall, place it perpendicularly and use it as an interior “wall” between different zones of the room. Large couches, dressers, console tables, dining tables, and clothing racks can be used similarly, creating a sense of division between spaces. When working with a tight space, measure, measure, and measure again to ensure every piece will fit properly!

Transform Your 2-in-1 Room with Furniture from Rent-A-Center

With the right approach and furniture, you can split and transform any room into a functional and visually appealing area that meets your needs. As you embark on this project, consider exploring Rent-A-Center’s Baystorm 7 PC Bedroom Set and other offerings to find affordable and stylish furniture options that can help you achieve your desired layout.

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