Sony PlayStation 4 Slim: Less Is Definitely More

In fall 2016, Sony introduced PlayStation 4 Slim, promising a video game console with the same great features as the original, only in a smaller package. And it’s true. Here’s why we’re into the new Sony PS4 Slim:

Slimmer Is Better
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is just as powerful as the PS4, but it’s lighter and more compact, with sleek, beveled edges and an all-matte finish. About 30% smaller than PS4, the Slim also runs quieter and uses less energy.

Better Control
Sony PlayStation 4 Slim comes with a tweaked DualShock 4 wireless controller that features a new lightbar at the top of the touchpad and longer battery life. It also can be plugged into the USB port for better response time during gameplay.

Entertainment Central
From old favorites to exciting new titles, Sony PS4 Slim has all the games you can’t wait to get home and play, including Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Streaming services give you access to the best in music, movies, sports, and TV too.

Check out the PlayStation 4 Slim for yourself at your local Rent-A-Center, where you can get big brands like Sony for small payments that fit your budget — all without credit. So there’s nothing stopping you from getting your game on today.