The PS4’s Got Serious Game

From top-tier video game blockbusters to innovative indie hits, the Sony PlayStation 4 lets you immerse yourself in your favorite games, and the experience doesn’t stop there. Access the best in music, movies, sports, and TV, too. We’ve found tons of reasons to love the PlayStation 4. Here are a few highlights:

Take Your Pick
With an astounding lineup of available games and more than 180 games in development, it’s going to be hard to tear yourself away from the PS4. From Star Wars to Call of Duty, this console makes it easy find a favorite game and get lost in awesome gameplay.

Join Your Friends in Battle
With PlayStation Plus, you can connect to the gaming community and join friends in competitive, cooperative online, multiplayer games. Because Sony knows it’s more fun to play together, this feature lets you enjoy friendly competition from the comfort of your couch.

Stay in Control
The Dualshock 4 wireless controller brings you new ways to interact with games and with other players. The improved dual analog sticks and trigger buttons offer a better sense of control, while the touchpad opens up a world of new gameplay possibilities.

Control Your Console From Your Phone
Want to connect to your console and keep track of your friends and messages? Well, there’s an app for that! Download the app on your mobile device and easily send alerts to your friends from wherever you are. You never have to worry about stepping away from a game (even though we know you’d never do that).