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Upgrade Your Shopping Experience with RAC Exchange

Upgrade Your Shopping Experience with RAC Exchange

You’ve been eyeing something new for your home – maybe it’s the latest television or a comfy new sectional. But what if you don’t want to lose the payments you’ve already made towards the rent-to-own items you have? That’s where Rent-A-Center Exchange comes in!

Read on to learn how Exchange works, how to get started, the benefits of RAC Exchange, and more.

What Is Rent-A-Center Exchange?

Let’s say you’ve had your items for a few months now, but you spotted something on Rent-A-Center’s website that you’d rather have. You may be left wondering: does Rent-A-Center do exchanges? Yes!

Through Rent-A-Center Exchange, you can trade in your current product for something different. Whether it’s a newer version of the same item, a fresh color, or a different item altogether, Rent-A-Center gives you the flexibility to get what you really want. The best part is that you don’t lose the money you’ve already paid. That amount goes towards the total cost of owning the new item.

How Does Rent-A-Center Exchange Work?

The Rent-A-Center Exchange policy is simple.

  1. You must be within six months of starting your agreement to participate in Exchange.
  2. Once you set up MyAccount, you can view the Exchange value of your item(s). Simply click “More” next to your agreement.
  3. Call or visit your Rent-A-Center store to choose another available item.
  4. Exchange is subject to approval – your account must be in good standing, and items must be in good condition.
  5. If approved, we’ll pick up your old item and deliver the new one!
  6. The rent you’ve already paid will go towards the total cost of owning the new item.
  7. Want to use Exchange again? Great! You can do so within the first six months of each new rental agreement.

Wait, what about the Rent-A-Center replacement policy for broken items?

Rent-A-Center Exchange is for swapping out a new item in good condition. If your rent-to-own product is broken during normal use, we’ll repair it during the lifetime of your agreement at no cost.

Benefits of a Rent-A-Center Exchange

Rent-to-own through Rent-A-Center already has plenty of benefits, but Exchange adds even more! With Rent-A-Center Exchange, you can:

Upgrade your product.

Have you ever purchased something, only for a newer, better version to come out just weeks later? With Rent-A-Center Exchange, there’s no buyer’s remorse – as long as you’re within the first six months of your rental, you can exchange your product for that newer model.

Change up your style.

Maybe that sofa looked fabulous in the store, but it’s not quite the look you’re going for. Or, shortly after bringing it home, you decide to switch up your home’s style, and it’s just not going to fit in. Change it up with Rent-A-Center Exchange!

Swap for something totally different.

So you decided to upgrade your refrigerator, but just a few months later, you’re moving into an apartment with a refrigerator provided. What are you going to do?! Rent-A-Center Exchange allows you to swap for a different product. In other words, you aren’t stuck with two fridges. You can exchange the refrigerator for a different appliance or something completely unrelated, like a new smartphone.

Get a better fit.

You may have measured your bedroom twice, but the reality is, that king-sized bed just doesn’t fit. That’s okay. Rent-A-Center Exchange allows you to exchange for a queen-size or something else entirely that will fit your space better.

How Do I Get Started With Rent-A-Center Exchange?

Have you realized that your new rent-to-own sofa doesn’t quite fit the dimensions of your living room? Exchange it for a piece that complements your space perfectly. Want to upgrade your current smartphone with the latest model? Give your local Rent-A-Center storefront a call.

With the ability to swap out items as your needs change, you can upgrade, optimize, or explore completely new horizons without hassle – so long as you make your exchange within the first six months of your agreement. What are you waiting for? Browse online for the things you need (and want!), or stop by your local Rent-A-Center today.

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