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5 Seriously Good Reasons You Should Get an Android

5 Seriously Good Reasons You Should Get an Android

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Have you found yourself nodding off while waiting for an app or webpage to load? Maybe your battery’s annoyingly short lifespan has begun to hinder day-to-day activities. If all signs point to a new phone, consider switching from iOS to Android.

When it comes to personalization, affordability, and universal accessories, it’s an easy choice to make! Here are 5 reasons why an Android phone is the perfect fit for you and your household.

Universal Ports

With an Android phone, niche, hard-to-find chargers, connectors, and headphones will become a thing of the past. Most Android phones use a USB-C port — the same connector used to charge many contemporary devices. So, if you prefer having a single cable for all of your electronic needs, then an Android phone is the best fit for you.

More Options

When it comes to variety, the wide selection of Android phones can’t be beat! Determine which features are most important for you, and there’s sure to be a phone option that meets your needs.

Whether you’re a photographer looking for great image stability and superior camera specs, or a parent searching for a device durable enough for teenage handling, look no further. From the ultra-modern Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to the smart-but-practical Samsung Galaxy A71, Android’s superior selection has options for every lifestyle!


With diverse phone options, Android doesn’t just benefit the feature seeker, it also makes finding budget-friendly devices easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for a luxury phone or something simple and functional, Android has a wide selection of quality devices meant to meet the needs of any price range. Plus, Rent-A-Center has flexible, no-credit-needed** rent-to-own smartphone payment options that put any brand and model at your reach!


One of the coolest features Android offers is the ability to transform virtually everything to better suit your needs, preferences, personality, and style. From widgets and keyboards to personalized icons — the lengths to which you can optimize your digital companion are practically endless! Here are just a few features you can customize on an Android.

  • Home Screen: Don’t like the look and feel of your app manager or overall layout? Give it a complete makeover! Android’s open platform allows you to easily customize your home screen’s app launcher — from updating your phone’s wallpaper to adding special visual effects to your backdrop!
  • Widgets: If you’d rather check the weather briefly before heading to work or prefer glancing over stock market trends without fidgeting with a web browser or complex app, Androids allow you to add personalized widgets to your home screen. Widgets provide quick and easy access to the information that’s most important to you.
  • Icons: Want your favorite team’s logo as the icon for your sport’s app? Prefer a cupcake emoji over your recipe app’s logo? Go for it — Androids allow you to customize everything down to your app icons!
  • Keyboards: Texting your teen, but aren’t sure what “ICYMI” or “WDYM” means, download a keyboard with Google Search built right into it. Are you a meme machine and would love to have a keyboard catered to all of your favorite images? Don’t worry, there’s a keyboard for that too!

Google Play Store

With an Android phone, you gain access to the Google Play Store. Not only does it have hundreds of thousands of more apps available for download than its competitors, but they lead the field in free apps that are easy to use. You can even download an app with parental control features to help monitor your teenager’s cell phone usage or gain access to some of the most popular apps on the market. And don’t forget to download the Rent-A-Center app for convenient payment and shopping options at your fingertips!

Should I Switch to Android?

From affordability to intense customization features, switching to Android is an obvious game changer! Ready to upgrade your digital life and get a smartphone that speaks to your personality? Rent-A-Center makes it easy with affordable, no-contract phone plans and no credit options! Visit your nearest Rent-A-Center, or begin your order online today!

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