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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Love Language

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Love Language

Smiling couple sitting on sofa facing cameraThinking of buying your significant other the perfect present, but not sure what that is? Understanding their love language could lead you on the right path to gifting them something meaningful and in line with how they receive love. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by learning which gifts are best for each love language and why.

What is a Love Language?

American author Gary Chapman first identified the five love languages. They are the most common ways people receive and communicate their love to others — words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch.

Everyone has one or two preferred love languages, and understanding what your partner’s love languages are and how they work can help you better understand and appreciate your significant other!

Physical Touch

Individuals who gravitate towards physical touch as a way of giving and receiving love enjoy appropriate signs of intimacy — whether that’s through hand-holding, frequent kisses, or deep, meaningful hugs. So how do you turn that into the perfect present? Use these gift ideas for physical touch love language:

Make a Coupon Book: Give your partner vouchers that they can redeem at any time for things like back rubs, slow dancing, or uninterrupted cuddle time.

Gift Them a Couple’s Massage: Many spas offer special deals on couple’s massages around Valentine’s Day! Treat your partner (and yourself) to a relaxing massage from a local spa for the ultimate pampering.

Receiving Gifts

Don’t be mistaken. A person whose love language is receiving gifts doesn’t want any old gift. For people who like to be loved in this way, it’s not solely about the object received, but the thoughtfulness behind it. Here are a few ideas for a gift-loving significant other.

Give Them Something They Need: Practical gifts aren’t always the most romantic, but recognizing when your partner needs something and filling that necessity is! If they’re dealing with a broken smartphone or struggling to stream their favorite shows due to an outdated TV, replacing these items can show them how much you care.

Gift Them Something They’ve Been Wanting: Pay attention to what they say or do — have they been liking a bunch of designer purses on Instagram? Or, has your partner been saving up for the newest video game console? Surprise them with exactly what they want!

Words of Affirmation

This person loves to hear compliments, words of encouragement, and unsolicited expressions of love. Whether in writing or out loud for the world to hear, here are a few ways to show your adoration this Valentine’s Day:

Make a Photo Album: Gather pictures of you and your significant other throughout your relationship, and make a photo album. (Pro-tip: Caption the photos explaining what you loved most about each moment).

DIY Open-When Letters: Open-when letters are exactly what they sound like — a bundle of letters, each labeled for a different situation. For example, an “open when lonely” or “open when traveling” message for your significant other to refer to while you’re apart! Not only are these super meaningful, but they can also be extremely easy to DIY. Check out this tutorial from Lanham Creations!

Acts of Service

These lovers prefer actions over words. According to Chapman, they appreciate nothing more than hearing, “Let me do that for you.” Not only must you pay attention to their needs and desires, but shouldering their burdens from time to time is a great way to show you care. These acts of service gift ideas will help you do just that.

Do Household Chores: Let your partner relax for a day while you take care of the household chores, but make sure you have the right washer and dryer for the job!

Make a Home-Cooked Meal: Whether it’s breakfast in bed, red hot heart cookies, or a fancy dinner; you + the kitchen equals, “let me do that for you.”

Quality Time

This individual wants to know that you enjoy their company and are interested in them! Show your partner that there’s no place in the world you’d rather be than in their enchanting presence.

Upgrade Your Shared Spaces: Make room for more high-quality together-time by upgrading the spaces that you share with your loved one! For example, treating them to luxurious new bedroom furniture for Sunday-morning snuggles or upgrading to a movie-marathon-worthy sectional can be great ways to express how much you value your time together!

Spend Time Doing Things They Love: Find an activity your partner loves to do, and join them. If your partner is infatuated with home makeover shows, grab some tools and get to renovating!

Gifts for Every Love Language, All in One Place!

Whether you’re presenting your “Receiving Gifts” partner with a handbag they’ve been eyeing for months or spending the day working on classic cars with your “Acts of Service” loved one, Rent-A-Center has Valentine gifts for every love language! Find your nearest Rent-A-Center, and get that special gift for that special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day!

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