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Go Big or Go Bigger? Comparing the Perks of Queen vs. King Mattresses

Go Big or Go Bigger? Comparing the Perks of Queen vs. King Mattresses

Family of five cuddled up in bed with dog at forefront.Are your toddlers in the habit of rushing into bed with you after a scary dream? Or maybe, your partner likes to sleep on their side and yours. In that case, you may be considering a bigger mattress! If you’re not sure whether to get a queen or upgrade to a king, consider the pros and cons of each with this guide.

How to Know if You Need a New Bed

Typically, mattresses should be replaced around every 7-8 years. And since the longevity of your bed can vary by mattress type, the number of occupants, and general sleeping habits, it’s important to do a quality check once or twice a year.

The age of your mattress also plays a vital role in sleep quality. Older mattresses offer less support and comfort which may leave you feeling sluggish, achy, and tired at the start of a new day. If your bed is damaged, has squeaky springs, or leaves you with frequent backaches and pains, it may be time to replace that old mattress.

Queen or King? What’s the Royal Difference?

Alright, you’ve evaluated your bed and decided you’re due for something new. So, should you stick to your current mattress size, or do you need a bigger bed? Before making your decision, learn the pros and cons of both.

Pros and Cons of a Standard Queen (60”x80”)

Do you want more space to spread out and sleep like a starfish? Do you and your partner have a smaller master bedroom and would prefer not to feel crowded in your space? A queen-sized mattress is an excellent middle-ground between comfort and aesthetic versatility.

Unfortunately, if you have kiddos or pets who like to follow you off to dreamland, a queen-sized mattress may not offer the necessary sleeping room for a comfortable night’s rest.

Pros and Cons of a Standard King Bed (76”x80”)

Do you have a bed-hogging partner or a child who often practices acrobatics in their sleep? King-sized mattresses offer a ton of additional space for whatever arm, leg, or extremity comes your way.

However, this bed size will inevitably require more space in your bedroom. This means rearranging furniture is likely a no-go if you’ll be placing your new mattress into a small guest room or master. Consider the dimensions of your space relative to the size of your new bed before making your final purchase.

Standard Queen vs. Standard King

 Bed Size  (Queen) 60” x 80” x 11”  (King) 76″ X 80″ X 11”
 Bedroom Space  Will fit best in average guest rooms and small masters  Room must be large enough to easily accompany mattress size
 Number of   Occupants  Most popular choice for couples without kids or pets  Large enough for couples in addition to kids and pets
 Price  Cheaper on average  More expensive on average
 Sleeper Height  May be uncomfortable for taller individuals  Can better accommodate taller individuals


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