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Why Do My Clothes Smell Bad After Washing? (and How to Fix It)

Why Do My Clothes Smell Bad After Washing? (and How to Fix It)

Man removing clothing from dryer with frustrated expression.It’s been two wash cycles, three dryer sheets, and you still can’t wash last week’s workout off your clothes! What gives? If you’re dealing with laundry that still smells sweaty, smokey, or mildewy post-wash, here are a few ways to target some of the most offensive scents.

How to Get Sweat Smell Out of Clothes

Smells can get worse if you let them linger. If your clothes are especially soiled, sweaty, or wet, get them in the washer right away. If that’s not an option, allow them to air out. Wet clothing can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, leaving you with more terrible odors than you started with.

If your clothing is still smelly after trying this trick, try using an odor neutralizer or soaking them in white vinegar before throwing them in the wash. These products can help eliminate bacteria that cause those smelly odors and can also keep your colorful clothes from fading in the laundry.

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Clothes

Smoke smell is a tricky one, as this odor loves to cling onto clothing well past their washer and dryer cycles. If this is your laundry issue, then fresheners can be your best friend.

Try using a fabric freshener spray on your clothes before and after becoming exposed to smoke. These helpful laundry aids can transform heavy smells by dissolving odor molecules. If you have dryer sheets on hand, these are similarly effective. Don’t have time for washing? Try rubbing one or two of these directly onto garments before putting them in the dryer for a quick refresh.

How to Get Musty/Mildew Smell Off Clothes

If you’re dealing with musty smells, you may need something a little stronger than a fabric softener or freshener.

Mildew is a much larger problem than the previous culprits mentioned above. If not dealt with properly, mold can grow and cause possible health concerns. Don’t fear — there are laundry products created solely for this fungal faux pas. Disinfectants, sanitizer sprays, mildew remover, or even baking soda can be enough to save your beloved garments from the point of no return. These tough products are also great at removing stubborn stains like coffee, wine, and oil from your clothing.

Why Does My Washer/Dryer Make My Clothes Smell Bad?

Have you tried all of these tips and tricks, but your laundry still stinks? If you’ve done all you can to rid your garments of bad smells, chances are your washer and dryer are no longer working properly. Furthermore, your outdated washer and dryer set may be utilizing more water and power than a newer, more efficient pair. All in all, these less-than-favorable smells are a sign that it’s time for an upgrade.

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