Poll: What Will You Give Your Valentine?

Beauty happy girl with Valentine gift candy box.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day–chances are someone (maybe even yourself) is looking forward to getting a gift from you!

Gift-giving can always be tricky though! There are so many factors that play into it; it gets hard not to over think! During this season, it’s not uncommon to ask yourself complicated questions like the ones below.

How much money should you spend? Will it be awkward if the person who’s receiving the gift doesn’t get one for you? Is the gift too serious or informal for the current state of the relationship? And let’s not the dreaded, are we dating?  Or even, are we even dating?

If you’re overthinking, you’re in good company. Want to compare your gift of choice to what other people are considering? We’ve created a poll to help you gauge what other readers like you are gifting this season!

  • Flowers:
    A perfect gift for everything from that “are we official” phase to that “50th wedding anniversary” stage.  You can easily create an affordable or flashy bouquet by switching out the type and number of flowers used.
  • Candy:
    Candy can be as affordable or as expensive as you’d like. It’s an excellent pick for your sweetheart with a sweet tooth! It’s also a great pick for family, friends and, YOU!
  • Weekend Getaway:
    Everyday routines are comfortable. But you know what’s even more comfortable? Crisp, clean hotel linens! Whether you go to the beach, the snow, or even a short road trip outside your town–a weekend getaway is an excellent gift for every occasion.
  • Stuffed Animal:
    It’s hard to dislike animals, especially when they’re fluffy, plush, and won’t scratch your furniture! Pick this option if you’re getting your Valentine a cuddle-buddy!
  • Dinner and a movie:
    Food and movies are date night staples! Pair that meal with a glass of wine and you can turn any meal (even popcorn) into a romantic outing!

So, how will you surprise your Valentine this year?

What will you give your Valentine?

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