Poll: What Is Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

Halloween is best known for its ghoulish fanfare, creepy crawly decor, elaborate costumes, and perhaps most importantly, delicious candy! What’s not to love about nearly unlimited free carbs? Tricks are fun, but the treats are fantastic! That being said, which Halloween staple is your favorite?

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  • Candy Corn: Controversial yet timeless, this super-sweet concoction is an undeniable Halloween classic. If orange and yellow food coloring paired with sugar sound like your cup-of-tea, we don’t judge you! Do you wait all year for an excuse to eat candy corn? Pick this option! 
  • Chocolate: Dark, milk, or white? That’s a subject for another poll. If peanut butter cups, snack-sized candy bars, and cocoa covered nuts are what make up most of your treat bag (or grocery receipt), chocolate is the way to go on this poll.
  • Hard Candy/Lollipops: All about that crunch, huh? Or maybe you’re team just let it melt? Whether it’s super sweet and sticky or sour and tart, pick this option if you love any candy that makes your mouth turn blue the best!
  • Candy Apples: Legend has it these caramel covered fruits are the tooth fairy’s favorite! Many people like candy apples because they bring them back to their childhood. Others just love the idea of a sugar-coated fruit. We love the fact that they’re an easy way to sneak extra fruit into your kids’ diet! Are candy apples your favorite? 
  • Popcorn Balls: Can you ever get tired of eating sweet and salty snacks? We think not. Or at least not as long as you have something handy to quench your saltiness-induced thirst! Popcorn balls are savory with a sweet and buttery aftertaste. They are also super easy to make! We think these should be a year-round thing, don’t you agree? If so, choose this option as your fave!  

What is your favorite classic Halloween sweet treat?

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