Poll: If You Had an Extra $500, Which Room Would You Redecorate?

Picture this: You are taking an old overcoat to the dry cleaning and you stick your hand your pocket to find $500 cash! You’re ecstatic! You’ve been meaning to redecorate your home for a while and these $500 are just what you needed! Which room in your home is getting the Five Benjamin treatment?


  • Living room: AHHHH. Is there anything nicer than putting your feet up on the coffee table after a long day of work? We’ll wait. The living room is undeniably a great space for sharing and resting with your family. But, does your living room need to be livened up? Pick this option.
  • Bedroom: Some people claim an unpleasant or messy bedroom affects their quality of sleep–which ultimately affects their quality of life! If you’re dreaming of a new set of sheets, plush new pillows, or even a mattress upgrade–you’ll want to spend your extra $500 here.
  • Kid’s room: Has your little one outgrown her nursery wallpaper? Perhaps your teenage son is over his car-shaped bed! If your kids are ready for a change in scenery, an extra $500 will go a long way in redecorating their spaces.
  • Kitchen: Be honest, when you step into your house after a long day–which room do you go into first? Many people head straight to the kitchen for a bag of pretzels, some sweets, or even a banana. If you want to come home to a prettier, more organized, and better-equipped kitchen, we suggest you put your money (and your vote) where your mouth is.
  • Bathroom: The bathroom may not have the most glamorous purpose but, dang is it nice to “go” into a pleasant room. Treat yourself to new fixtures, upgraded countertops, and more by investing your $500 here. 

  • Are you crazy? If I had $500, I’d go on vacation: Perhaps we should rename this poll to “If you had an extra $500, would you go to the beach or the snow?” If you’d rather go out of town than redecorate your home, we totally get you! Make your voice heard.

Tell Us: If you had an extra $500, which room would you make over?

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