Poll: How Do You Like to Spend a Rainy Day?

Rainy Days

Just like April showers bring May flowers, a rainy day can bring great times along with it. Some rain-imposed TLC never hurt nobody! Sometimes all we need to have a great day is a good excuse to stay indoors! Vote on your favorite rainy day pastime and see how it compares to other readers’ preferred activities.

  • Catch up on my sleep
    Napping is even nicer when you’ve got the certainty that it’s so wet and cold outside that you couldn’t possibly be missing out on anything. Plus, the sounds of the rain hitting the ground and roof are as soothing as it gets. Select this pastime if sleeping is your go-to on rainy days!

  • Clean the house
    It’s hard to escape messy rooms when your trapped indoors! For some of us, rainy days bring stark reminders of how cluttered things really are. Luckily, a downpour is also a great opportunity to tidy up. Go for this pastime if you love to nip cleaning in the bud on rainy days!

  • Go to the movies
    Replace the gloominess of the great outdoors with the butter-scented darkness of a movie theatre. If you love taking advantage of rainy days to catch a family-friendly matinee or date night, pick this option!
  • Read a book
    Does curling up with a steaming hot cup of coffee and a great book sound like the perfect way to spend a rainy day? Pick this option!
  • Play video games/watch TV
    It’s like going to the movie theatre, without the whole having to go somewhere part. Vote for this activity if you love getting bundled up and putting your feet up for a great movie with a side of snacks!
  • Play indoor games/do crafts with my kids
    Ahhh…they do grow up so fast! Don’t they? Sometimes it seems like they’ve grown by a whole foot in the time between rainy days. If you make the most out of your rainy days by playing family board games or doing crafts together, this pastime is probably your top choice!

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