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New York Store Manager to the Rescue

New York Store Manager to the Rescue

Rent-A-Center CEO Robert Davis (left) with Taijuan LittletonOn any given day, Rent-A-Center employees are expected to be skilled operators, great communicators, customer advocates, and more. But sometimes, circumstances arise in which no amount of training could prepare them for what to do next. In such situations, they are called on to make decisions above and beyond what’s covered in the employee handbook, and there is no better example than Taijuan Littleton, a 12-year Rent-A-Center veteran and store manager in training in Buffalo, New York.

In early December, Taijuan had difficulty reaching a customer regarding a scheduled appointment. Something didn’t seem right to him after he repeatedly called her house without an answer.

The last time Taijuan called, a boy answered the phone and said that his mom was sleeping and wouldn’t wake up. Taijuan immediately drove to the family’s home while a co-worker stayed on the phone with the child. When he arrived, Taijuan looked through the window and saw the boy’s mother lying on the floor. Taijuan called 911.

While Taijuan waited for police to arrive, the little boy opened the door. Taijuan realized that the boy’s mother had died and quickly ushered him out of the apartment. He took the boy to his truck, wrapped him up and turned on the heat to shield him from the cold. They waited together for the police to come.

When police arrived, they entered the apartment and discovered the boy’s mother lying on the floor. Later, it was determined she died of natural causes and had been dead for approximately 48 hours. The little boy, 4-year-old Bryan, thought his mom was sleeping and had survived on milk and maple syrup.

Taijuan was recognized by news outlets and across social media channels for his brave and quick actions. Police credited him with possibly saving Bryan’s life.

In honor of Taijuan’s act of service, Rent-A-Center presented him with the Outstanding Servant Leader Award. This prestigious award honors an individual or group of individuals whose voluntary actions exemplify Rent-A-Center’s core values and positively represent Rent-A-Center in their communities.

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