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9 Brilliant & Cheap Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

9 Brilliant & Cheap Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Woman sitting by a fireplace with a cup of coffeeIt’s going to be a “teeth-chattering” cold winter with plenty of snow, according to The Farmer’s Almanac – even in the Southeast! If you think your only option for staying warm in winter is to crank the thermostat on your heating system, think again. We’re here to share the most creative ways to stay warm in the winter without feeling the heat on your electricity bill.

Let in the light.

Did you know that curtains serve a purpose beyond privacy and décor? You can use your curtains strategically to help keep your house warm in the winter. Pull back your curtains when it’s sunny (especially on south-facing windows) and let all that free sunlight heat things up.

Once the sun sets, keep the warmth in by closing the curtains. Reduce your heat loss even more effectively by using extra thick or insulating curtains. Doing this instead of blasting the heat is one of many ways you can protect the earth and your wallet!

Turn your ceiling fans on.

It might seem counterintuitive to turn your fans on when it’s freezing outside, but doing so can help warm things up. In the winter, your precious hot air rises to the ceiling, where it becomes utterly unhelpful to you. When you’re in the room, flip on your ceiling fan to the lowest setting, spinning in a clockwise direction. This will redistribute the warm air, helping to heat the entire room.

Use a humidifier.

Using a humidifier while you sleep can have a few benefits. Not only can it help prevent waking up with a pesky sore throat and dry skin, but it can also make your bedroom feel warmer. Moist air holds heat better than dry air — something you already know if you live somewhere with humid summers!

Invest in cozy furniture.

With the right pieces of snug, cozy furniture, you won’t need to crank your thermostat up at all. A media center with a fireplace serves double duty — holding books, movies, and accessories while making your living room feel nice and toasty. Plus, what’s more pleasant than snuggling up in front of a fire?

Another piece that brings the heat is this recliner with heat and massage*. Customize the temperature and type of massage, kick your feet up, and enjoy some pampering while defrosting from your day. With Rent-A-Center’s flexible rent-to-own payment options, you’ll avoid a big upfront price tag.

* Keep an eye out for the Drakestone Gray Heat and Massage Rocker Recliner, available in-store and online on 11/29.


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Keep your radiator and vents clear.

Double-check that you’re not blocking a vent or radiator with furniture or rugs. Not only can these obstructions be fire hazards, but they’ll also absorb heat that your space needs. Make sure that air can circulate with ease by allowing plenty of space around your radiator and vents. Maybe this is the perfect excuse for a room makeover!

Close your doors.

Make it a habit to shut the doors in your home that lead to rooms you aren’t using — not working in your office? Close the door. No guests? No reason to keep the guest room door open! When you leave doors open, you’re sending heat into rooms that don’t need to be heated. On those freezing days, you definitely want to hoard heat in the space you’re using.

Use a space heater in your bedroom.

You can save cash on your heating bill by lowering the thermostat while you sleep and using a space heater instead. After all, you aren’t using the entire house while you sleep, so why heat the whole place? The space heater will provide heat where you need it, and only where you need it. Just keep your slippers close for those midnight bathroom trips!

Bundle up.

This is the easiest tip of all! Stay warm in the winter by embracing layers, and lots of them. Stash your favorite short-sleeve pajamas and sleep in a sweatshirt instead. Invest in some wool socks or luxurious slippers. It’s tempting to turn up the heat when the outside temperature drops, but simply adding a few layers of clothing is much cheaper (and environmentally friendly, too).

Turn down the thermostat and turn up the coziness!

Spend an afternoon curled up in front of the fireplace in your heated recliner. We’ll deliver both to your home, sometimes on the same day you complete your order. Start your order online to save time and head to your nearest Rent-A-Center.

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