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How to Reduce TV Glare

How to Reduce TV Glare

Three children laying on the floor watching tv, their parents are visible in the reflection.Modern televisions provide a wide range of colors and spectacularly clear pictures. But none of that matters if you’ve got a glare! TV glare is downright annoying, but you can manage this issue with a few simple tips. Here are six ways to reduce glare on your TV and take back your streaming/gaming time.

What Causes TV Glare?

Glare is caused by light reflecting off the outer surface of your television. TV screens with a matte surface may be less prone to glare, while TVs with glossier screens are more likely to encounter this issue. Both direct and indirect light sources can cause TV glare, such as light from a window or even a small lamp in the room.

6 Tips for How to Prevent Glare on Your TV

1. Hang blinds and curtains on windows.

Sunlight is usually the main culprit for TV glare. Even if you have the best TV for a sunny room, complete with anti-glare technology, direct sunlight can still make it pretty difficult to see. But even if the sun isn’t shining through the window, indirect sunlight can still cause glare and make it difficult to see.

Eliminate as much daylight as possible by installing heavier blinds, such as two-inch faux wooden options, or blackout curtains that you can easily draw closed during the daytime.

For an affordable and quick option, go for a peel-and-stick paper blackout shade. Paper blackout shades can be trimmed to the width of your window. Once you’ve cut it to size, peel the adhesive cover off and stick it to the top of your window for a near-total blackout in minutes.

2. Angle your TV away from prominent light sources.

A TV is not much different than a mirror, which means your viewing angle of the TV can make all the difference. If you can see a light source in the angle that you are viewing your TV, then there’s a chance you’ll have a glare.

To adjust the TV angle properly, start by determining where the light is coming from. If a lamp is causing the glare, move the light source beside or behind the TV, or turn it off while watching television. If you can’t move the lamp, try angling your television away from it. And if your TV is on a stand, try turning it at slightly different angles until it no longer reflects the light.

A better option may be to wall mount your TV. Some wall mounts offer the option to tilt your TV from side to side and even up and down. This can help you achieve the perfect viewing angle with the least amount of glare from anywhere in the room.

3. Use an enclosed TV stand.

If you have the space, an enclosed TV stand can help prevent many instances of TV glare. Setting your television far enough into a TV stand can help keep it away from nearby light sources, giving you a glare-free viewing experience at almost any time of the day. Just make sure the TV stand isn’t blocking any viewing angles.

4. Turn up the brightness on your TV.

Turning up the brightness on your television won’t eliminate the source of the glare, but it can help you see what’s happening on the screen a lot easier. Some TVs have an auto-brightness feature, meaning a TV sensor measures the room’s light and adjusts the brightness. But depending on the default brightness setting, the auto feature may not be turning the brightness all the way up.

If you’re having trouble with a glare, take a quick peek at your brightness settings, and turn it up as high as it will go.

5. Keep your TV clean.

A dirty TV screen can make glare worse. A build-up of dirt, dust, and grime essentially becomes a reflective layer for any light source near the screen. If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your television screen, you may be surprised at how much a quick wipe-down can do for your viewing experience.

When cleaning your TV, avoid using harsh chemicals like glass or all-purpose surface cleaners. Instead, use a dry microfiber cloth or towel to gently dust and buff out any smudges, fingerprints, etc. Use a slightly damp microfiber towel to remove tough smudges, then dry the surface with a dry microfiber towel.

6. Get an anti-glare television.

Some modern televisions are equipped with anti-glare technology that reduces the reflection of light on the screen. And less reflection means less glare. If you’re having constant issues with glare, consider upgrading your TV set to a model with this technology.

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