How to Correctly Load a Dishwasher

Did you know that there is a correct way to load a dishwasher for maximum sterilization? Learn how to load a dishwasher and get the best clean with these tips.

  • Pre-rinse dishes if you’re not immediately running the machine.
  • Secure all plastic items using the dishwasher’s built-in racks, and never stack items or overcrowd.
  • Place pots, plates, and heavy-duty dishes on the bottom rack, where heat and water pressure are most intense. Arrange them dirty side down for best results.
  • Load the upper rack with glasses, cups, saucers, dishwasher-safe plastics, and oddly shaped utensils. Put saucepans, mixing bowls, and similar items face-down. Place glasses and mugs in rows between the prongs.
  • Load forks and spoons into the silverware rack while making sure they don’t nest together. Alternate placing handles up and down so that all surfaces are cleaned.
  • Make sure your detergent is fresh, not clumped, before you start the machine. Consider using a rinse agent to prevent streaking.  
  • Things that don’t go in the dishwasher: Knives. Wood. Pewter, brass and bronze. Cast iron. Tin. Gold-plated items. China and crystal.

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