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How to Binge-Watch TV Like a Boss

How to Binge-Watch TV Like a Boss

Family watching TV in the living room

TV has never been better. But with so many options on so many channels, sometimes the only way to see all of your favorite shows is to binge-watch.

Binge-watching is also a great way to discover an older series you missed the first time around. But before you get comfy for the next eight to nine hours, read these six steps to mastering a TV marathon.

Couple eating popcorn while watching TV

Stock up on snacks.
You’re in it for the long haul, and you’re going to need to eat — eventually. Have a stack of takeout or delivery menus close at hand. Or go to the grocery store for your favorite nibbles in case opening the door for the delivery guy is going to kill the next Game of Thrones cliff-hanger.

Prepare to be (semi) horizontal.
Comfort is key. If you prefer to be laid-back in your living room, choose a sofa or recliner so you can stretch out. If you like to get super-comfy, a bed with a padded headboard can help you get through the long haul. Just don’t forget the pillows. Remember to stand and stretch at least every two or three episodes — mini-breaks from Orange is the New Black are good for your body. 

Family watching TV together

Choose your streaming channels.
Netflix is the obvious starting point, but signing up for Hulu will also allow you to indulge in Showtime on Demand, HBO Go, and favorites from other cable channels. Upgrading to Amazon Prime lets you access original shows plus some older classic TV shows and movies. It also offers subscriptions to HBO, Showtime, Starz, and more. Choose the best streaming channels that fit your budget and TV interests. A smart TV from Rent-A-Center makes it easy to access your selections.

Figure out what kind of binge-watcher you are.
According to a recent Netflix survey, binge-watching is defined as watching two to six TV shows in one sitting, but everyone has his or her own way of doing it. Some people want to run through a whole series in a weekend; others prefer to savor their shows a few at a time. If you like to keep on streaming, pick something like thrillers, crime, or horror. If you would like to draw it out, spend an hour or two each night working your way through a more serious drama or snappy comedy.

Spoiler alert! Keep the ending to yourself.
There’s nothing worse than a co-worker revealing a cliff-hanger on Monday morning when you’re still on episode two. Find a few friends who like to watch at the same pace as you and discuss over lunch what’s going on with Stranger Things.

Guy glued to television

Turn off the TV.
Yes, we said that. Bingeing can be fun, but you have to stop sometime. Try and set a goal of how many episodes you want to get through in one session, and put down the controller once you’ve watched them. You can always get caught up on your favorite characters another day.

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