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How Couples Can Blend Their Décor Styles Successfully

How Couples Can Blend Their Décor Styles Successfully

A couple contemplating decor choices

Floral prints, bright wallpaper, and ruffled throw pillows can turn off some guys. She’s not likely to fall for leather couches, animal heads, and sports memorabilia, either.

Making a commitment to live together also means deciding on a decorating style that suits you both. Here’s how newly cohabitating couples can blend their masculine and feminine pieces in a way that will make any house feel more like a home.

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We recommend you begin by seeing what you have — and what you need. Save space for the bigger items one of you already owns, such as a dining room table or a leather sofa. Both of you are likely to want to keep some (but not necessarily all!) family heirlooms.

Choose a color scheme.
If he leans toward dark colors and you love brights, we recommend creating a Pinterest board to save your favorite rooms or furniture. As you both “pin,” see if there are things your partner picks that you might like as well.

Prep a room with paint.
Because navy, gray, and black paints are on trend, a deeper wall color is a modern yet not-too-masculine choice for a living room. A cool taupe or white with just a hint of pink in it can be a softer, soothing option for a bedroom.

Also think about the mood you’re trying to create for a room. That can help you choose colors as well.

Reuse and recycle.
Remember those items you simply had to keep? Believe it or not, a modern chair can work with a traditional end table. Move things around to see how they look together.

Don’t be afraid to put a slipcover on upholstered furniture — which is less expensive than re-covering it. Furniture can be updated with accents; think new fabric on dining chairs or throw pillows for the couch.

Group your favorite artworks and framed photos together on wall.
Hanging art or photographs gallery-style on a wall instantly adds interest, no matter the room. Even if it’s a mix of Western prints and watercolors, if you hang images of similar shades together, the overall effect is soothing to the eye.

Accessories are everything.
If you decide you need to shop for some finishing touches, don’t feel like you have to buy them all at once. You can collect them slowly over time. After all, your home should be full of things that you both love — and that doesn’t happen in a day!

Items such as throw pillow covers, stacks of books you already own, or a vase of flowers can add a pop of color to a more neutral room. Plus, they can be easily swapped out when you get bored of those particular hues.

Finally, save a little space for yourselves.
Setting up a vanity area in the bedroom using a desk or table gives you a place to get a little more girly. Saving a corner of the living room for his recliner and an industrial lamp lets him have an area to call his own.

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