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Home Theater Set-Up Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Watch Party

Home Theater Set-Up Dos and Don’ts for Your Next Watch Party

Father and son are watching television together.If you’re a football fan, cinema connoisseur, or techy television enthusiast, the quality of your home theater can make or break your experience. Regardless of budget, there are options to improve your home theater and build a setup your friends and family will envy! Here are some dos and don’ts for how to make a home theater room on a budget that’ll be perfect for inviting everyone over.

What Is A Home Theater, Anyway?

A home theater is not just any television setup. Typically, it involves a larger screen, a dedicated sound system, and comfortable seating. Some folks may even purchase blackout curtains for their movie room or select a room with no windows at all. A home theater replicates a movie theater as closely as possible while including the comforts of home.

What Not To Do When Creating A Budget-Friendly Home Theater

Don’t go over budget.

All of the latest tech is fun but can get pricey quickly. It’s important to prioritize which items you want first and which will affect your setup quickly. A simple, low-cost home theater room can work fine if you plan well. If you’re starting from scratch, don’t use your entire budget on one item! For example, avoid buying a television that can’t be wall-mounted and leaves no room in your budget to buy a great TV stand.

Don’t overbuild.

Though your TV is the main focus of a home theater, it can still be inappropriate for the space you’re working with. Essential considerations for TV size include how far away you’ll be sitting, what height the screen is, and the room size itself. Though a projector is more straightforward to adjust than a television, the viewing angle is still important.

Don’t make your space feel crowded or uncomfortable.

If you don’t have a dedicated cinema room, or if you’re creating a day-to-day tv setup, make sure your space is comfortable and fun to use! You may want to be able to turn your subwoofer off, or even the surround sound as a whole, when you’re just watching a show (or the same cartoon for the hundredth time!). In short, prioritize comfort and daily use over grand additions and accessories.

For example, kitschy movie theater-style seats may be a fun novelty, but they aren’t the most comfortable when lounging and half-watching a lighthearted show!

Don’t forget the small details.

Like the previous point, this is a living space. Don’t forget the comforts and joys of watching at home instead of in a theater or sports bar. Add in cozy blankets, pillows, and fun amenities that make the space feel like home. An at-home cinema allows you to add personal flair and get creative, so take advantage of the perks.

Want a snack display of all of your game-time favorites? Or maybe framed posters of your top flicks? Go for it! This is the place to live out your wildest movie room ideas.

What To Do For Your Movie Room On a Budget

Do invest in audio.

You don’t have to be an A/V expert to appreciate the difference between a cheap sound system and a quality one. A good sound system will level up your entertainment room. Sound bars are a great place to start, but splurging for surround sound will forever change how you hear your favorite films. If you have the space for more prominent speakers, they can be a great product to add and will make a noticeable difference in your listening experience.

Do pick the best video system for your purposes.

What do you plan to watch in your movie room? Football games, movies, streaming TV shows? The type of screen you use can be dictated by what you’re watching the most.

Stick to a classic television.

Maybe you’re just looking for a standard television. Great news – the electronics world is your oyster! Shopping for a TV can be complex, but remember these key components: size, resolution, refresh rate, and connectivity. Pick the size that’s right for your room. Opt for higher resolutions and refresh rates. And make sure your new television is compatible with the devices and accessories you plan to use.

Consider a multi-screen home theater setup.

If you’re interested in watching multiple games — or even different sports — simultaneously, then consider investing in a multi-screen home theater setup. Having more than one TV means you can keep an eye on various games from the comfort of your home. Make sure you’re picking the right size TVs for the space you have, and that you have compatible stands or wall mounts before spending on several screens.

Opt for a projector over a standard TV.

Purchasing a projector instead of a television can be great for many applications. For starters, they’re easier to hide if you don’t want the screen to be the focal point of your room. A projector can also be helpful if you don’t have a lot of wall space and want flexibility in where you watch the game or show.

Additionally, you can make the “screen” as big as you want with a projector – just move it further away from the screen or wall.

Do use your space wisely.

If you’re working with a smaller room, you might have to get creative. A wall-mounted television will get it off the floor, but make sure you can place the furniture far enough away to view it comfortably.

Speakers can also be moved to the wall with small shelves. When it comes to furniture, customizable is the way to go. Forget the absurd oversized sectionals of your parents’ day. Modern sofas and sectionals are often more space-conscious, with modular designs that allow you to take advantage of the nooks and crannies in your room.

Do get cozy.

Picking comfortable furniture that makes it easy to see the screen and hear the audio is crucial. Your family and guests won’t appreciate even the nicest television on the market if they have to crane their necks to see it or can’t hear well because the speakers are hidden and muffled. Comfortable furniture, with plenty of seating, adds yet another level of enjoyment to your home cinema.

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