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Get Answers to These 4 Questions & You’ll Give the Perfect Gift

Get Answers to These 4 Questions & You’ll Give the Perfect Gift

Choosing the perfect presents for loved ones can be challenging. Sure, you know them well, but translating that knowledge into gift form can be tricky. This year go above and beyond by learning how to become a better gift giver, and skip the generic candle this year. Instead, figure out what your mom, partner, or child REALLY want under the Christmas tree this holiday season with these questions to ask for gift-giving.

1. What do you do in your free time?

This is one of the best questions to ask for gift-giving. After all, what the people in your life do in their free time is often what they love most. What better way to show them you care than to support their interests?

For instance, if your family member or friend enjoys outdoor activities like biking, skiing, or running, consider purchasing them gear or sports equipment that would make their chosen activity more enjoyable. On the other hand, new yarn and needles for an avid knitter might be just the thing, or high-end pots and pans for an enthusiastic home cook.

2. Is there anything you need?

This is a particularly important question for loved ones who err on the practical side. If your gift recipient fits this description, think back on anything they may have mentioned that they’re missing. Maybe they misplaced their favorite coffee mug, need a new handbag, or they ran out of pages in their yearly planner. They might even have said something along the lines of “I wish I had more…”

Not only will they appreciate having a valued item replaced or supplemented, but giving them something they need shows that you listen and pay attention when you’re with them. It’s not just the gift, but also the thought that counts.

3. Do you value experiences over things?

It’s often hardest to find the perfect gift for the person who already seems to have everything. Grandparents and families with young kids may fall into this category. The former has had an entire lifetime to accumulate the things they need, while the latter likely has more toys, kids clothes and accessories than fit into their house.

To give the perfect gift to a loved one that fits this description, experiences may be the way to go. Grandparents usually love spending time with their grandkids, so why not invite them for a day out at the zoo or children’s museum with the kids? For parents, you could offer to babysit while they go out for a nice dinner.

4. Are there specific topics that fascinate you?

For some, learning is the best present they could possibly imagine. If you know their current topic(s) of interest, there’s no better way to show you care than to give them the gift of knowledge. Seek out a book on the topic, or if they prefer more interactive ways of learning, memberships or gift cards to sites like Masterclass, Udemy, and Skillshare can help them hone any new skill they desire.

Reduce returns, waste, and disappointment. Ask these questions and become a better, if not the best, gift giver with a little help from Rent-A-Center! We have affordable deals and gift options for everyone on your list.

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