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DIY Christmas Wreath: Marshmallows Too Pretty to Eat

DIY Christmas Wreath: Marshmallows Too Pretty to Eat

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Add a sweet touch to your home this season with an easy DIY Christmas wreath made of fluffy white marshmallows and hung with a beautiful bow.

Wreath v2 Materials_620

What you will need:

  • Foam wreath form
  • 1 8-inch piece of craft wire
  • Roughly 100 toothpicks
  • 4 bags of marshmallows (small and medium sizes)
  • Ribbon

Wreath v2 Step 1-2_620

  • To create a hanger for your wreath, gently fold the craft wire in half and stick each of the ends through the foam, about 2 inches apart. Twist the ends together to secure. String a ribbon through the wire so that you can tie a bow and easily hang the wreath once you’re finished.

Wreath v2 Step 2_620

  • Insert roughly 75 toothpicks on three sides of the wreath form, about one inch apart. Skewer one marshmallow onto each toothpick, using mostly large marshmallows.

Wreath v2 Step 3_620

  • Skewer small marshmallows onto all of the remaining toothpicks and insert them into to any gaps in the wreath. Refrigerate overnight to set. Hang on a door or wall as desired.


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