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How to Build a Jewelry Collection When Funds Are Tight

How to Build a Jewelry Collection When Funds Are Tight

A young woman wearing gold hoop earrings and two stylish necklaces.Shopping for bling on a budget can seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! With a solid plan and a little patience, you can achieve the aesthetic of your dreams. Here’s how to build a drool-worthy jewelry collection without sending your bank account into a tailspin.

Tips For Building a Jewelry Wardrobe on a Budget

1. Save a certain amount each month towards jewelry pieces.

If you’d like to build a more expansive collection, adding jewelry as a line item in your budget might be worthwhile. Estimating the price of each piece you want to buy can help make planning easier. Then, allocate a small portion of your monthly budget to your jewelry collection. Sacrificing a few indulgences now will pave the way for long-term satisfaction.

2. Shop sales and promotions.

Keep an eye out for sales, promotions, and discounts at your favorite brands and stores. Rent-A-Center Drops, for example, offer a great opportunity to snag great deals on jewelry pieces when you sign up for future promotions. You’ll also want to opt-in to your favorite brands’ newsletters and follow them on social media to get first dibs on exclusive promos and special pricing. You may even get a coupon for signing up for their email list!

3. Invest in nicer pieces instead of buying lots of cheap jewelry.

It might seem counterintuitive to spend more money on high-quality pieces. After all, doesn’t spending more money cost more money? Well, it is, but think of it this way: purchasing cheap jewelry is a quick fix.

Poorly made jewelry is notorious for tarnishing, leaving green marks on your skin, and breaking quickly. With these purchases, you’ll likely end up making duplicate purchases over and over. If you save money for a quality piece that lasts, you’ll eventually replace smaller, cheaper purchases over time.

4. Shop Jewelry at Rent-A-Center.

Did you know that Rent-A-Center offers stunning rent-to-own jewelry? That means you can find the exact styles you’re looking for, including Cuban link chains and lab-grown diamond jewelry, without using credit. Plus, you can enjoy your desired jewelry pieces while spreading the payments out over time. It’s a win-win situation for your style and your wallet.

5. Trade in older pieces for shiny new upgrades.

Many jewelers have upgrade or exchange policies within their stores, allowing you to trade in your original jewelry for a new option. So, if you’ve got old jewelry gathering dust, trade it in for credit toward your dream pieces.

5. Avoid impulse buys and microtrends.

When you stay in the loop on current looks and the latest styles, hopping on quick trends and making impulsive purchases can be tempting. However, these may drain your budget quickly and might be less efficient than investing in more traditional pieces. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of your money with your jewelry collection.

Where to Start When Building a Jewelry Collection

So, you’re ready to dive in and start your collection? Let’s talk strategy. Once you have your budget planned, it’s time to choose pieces that reflect your personality and elevate your look. What jewelry pieces should you start with? Here are a few ideas.

Assess your style preferences.

Take some time to reflect on your personal style preferences and lifestyle. Are you drawn to classic, timeless pieces? Or do you prefer bold jewelry with ample personality? Consider your wardrobe staples and the occasions you typically dress for to guide your jewelry choices.

Start with daily wear.

The foundation of your jewelry collection should be your daily wear items. These are often simpler, understated pieces you can wear to work and smaller social events. These items should be versatile, understated, and effortlessly chic. Some ideas for daily wear jewelry include:

  • Wedding/engagement/statement rings
  • Chains or pendants – such as a Cuban Link Chain from Rent-A-Center
  • Tennis bracelets
  • Stud earrings
  • Stylish, understated watches

Prioritize high-quality jewelry.

It’s tempting to jump on microtrends that you see on social media. Keep in mind that while you’re still building your collection, these aren’t always the most useful pieces to have—especially if you’re working with a limited budget. Instead, focus on the basics that you can use right away.

Carefully choose versatile pieces.

When starting a new collection, versatile jewelry will be the best value. A unique statement piece might turn heads, but if you only have one dress to wear it with, it might not be as valuable to your collection. Focus on pieces that fit many different outfits, styles, and situations so they can get plenty of wear.

Stick with one color and style to start.

Some people are committed: they only wear silver, or they only wear gold. If you like both, pick one to start. Having a complete set of one thing is better than several incomplete pieces. So if you prefer to wear a necklace and ring daily, get both in the same color first instead of one gold necklace and one silver ring you can’t wear together.

Add Variety

Once you have your basics covered, start adding variety to your collection by exploring different styles, textures, and materials. Consider incorporating things like hoop earrings, layered necklaces, statement rings, bracelet stacks, and an anklet to add depth and interest to your collection.

Rent-A-Center Has The Jewelry You Want

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to elevate your everyday look or a timeless accessory to cherish for years to come, Rent-A-Center has something for everyone’s style and jewelry wardrobe — and you can have it all without using credit! Browse our rent-to-own Cuban chains, diamond necklaces, lab-grown diamonds, and more online or in-store today.

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