5 Reasons to Follow Rent-A-Center on Instagram


Your Instagram feed is probably already chock full of attention-grabbing photos of everything from the animal kingdom’s most unlikely friendships to whatever your friends had for dinner last night. But are you following Rent-A-Center on Instagram? Here are five reasons why you won’t want to miss what’s happening on RAC’s Instagram.


1. Inspiration and recipes for your DIYs.
Let us show you creative ways to whip up easy recipes, make fun crafts, and share life hacks for a variety of special occasions or just a regular day.


2. Inspirational ideas for your home décor.
Get decorating tips and inspiration for how to incorporate sofas, bedroom groups, and more into your home.


3. Promotions and deals on great products.
We’ll keep you up to date on big savings and how to get the latest gadgets, like smartphones, computers, gaming systems, appliances, and more.


4. Puppies, and kittens, and bunnies! Oh, my!
Whether it’s National Puppy and Kitten Day or just a regular Tuesday, we’re probably dreaming about sharing fluffy, adorable things.


5. BIG prizes.
We know you love a good contest, especially when there are prizes involved. Follow RAC on Instagram, and you just might win some cool stuff!

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