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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day with the Whole Family

5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day with the Whole Family

Memorial Day is an important day for our nation. It marks a time to honor those who gave their lives while serving in the armed forces. For many of us, the day also marks the beginning of summer, making it a perfect weekend to relax with friends and family. Here are a few Memorial Day activities to help you respectfully observe the true meaning behind the holiday, enjoy the freedom that our veterans fought for, and make treasured memories with your loved ones!

How to Celebrate Memorial Day

1. Visit a local historical site or museum.

Learning about the history of our country doesn’t have to be limited to reading textbooks! Load up the car with snacks and find a historic battleground or other important historical landmarks in your community. Walking tours of historic sites are an excellent way to enjoy the warm weather and discover new facts about the generations of men and women who shaped our nation. A unique journey through history just might become one of your new favorite Memorial Day traditions!

2. Reach out to a soldier or family who lost a loved one to war.

Do you know a veteran in your area? What about a family whose loved one died in a war? Round up some art supplies, gather your family, and write notes of appreciation to these people. Then, mail or deliver them in-person along with a patriotic snack or gift (check out #3 for a few ideas!).

Not sure if you have any veterans, active soldiers, or military families in your community? Organizations like Operation Gratitude and A Million Thanks allow you to send notes or care packages to veterans and those in active duty. 

3. Share patriotic crafts or food.

Spend the day creating something red, white, and blue! Search online for patriotic craft project tutorials. The best part is, you’ll be able to use it again later in the summer for Independence Day.

For an opportunity to teach your kids a few cooking skills, make a snack in patriotic colors or a Stars & Stripes-shaped fruity dessert. You’ll have something to munch on while you enjoy the day, and you can encourage your family to explore the history and meaning behind our nation’s flag.

4. Host a gathering with other families.

Sometimes, the heartfelt roots of Memorial Day can get lost in the excitement of summer’s arrival. If you’re hosting a party for Memorial Day, invite other families to join you and your family, and then take a few moments to remember the meaning of the holiday.

Observe a moment of silence (there’s a “National Moment of Remembrance” at 3:00 pm local time) or propose a toast (with kid-friendly drinks, too) to those who gave their lives for our freedom, as well as the families they left behind. Then, take time to truly enjoy the company of those around you with patriotic games, food, and Memorial Day activities.

5. Brainstorm ideas for new family traditions.

Still not sure how to celebrate Memorial Day? Have a family brainstorm session! Start by explaining the meaning of the holiday to your kids. Then, ask them how they feel they could best celebrate Memorial Day and honor fallen soldiers. Coming up with original ideas can bring a much deeper meaning to Memorial Day for your family. Plus, you’ll have a fun family Memorial Day tradition (or many!) for years to come.

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