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3 Crafty DIY 4th of July Party Decorations

3 Crafty DIY 4th of July Party Decorations

4th of July DIY crafts and decorations

Even if you’re only celebrating the 4th of July with family, party decorations are a must! These festive Independence Day DIY crafts are sure to get everyone in a patriotic mood. With paper pinwheels, hand-painted pots, and balloon garland in colors of red, white, and blue, your house will come to life for the holiday.

4th of July DIY pinwheels

These pinwheels are easy to make. All you need is some red, white, and blue paper and a few other supplies from around your house.

4th of July DIY pinwheels materials

Materials Needed (for 1 pinwheel):

  • 6-x-6-inch piece of red, white, or blue paper
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pin
  • Small bead
  • Plastic straw
  • Decorative tape

Fold the paper in half diagonally (into a triangle shape), and in half again, then unfold. Cut along each crease two-thirds of the way to the center of the paper.

Take a sewing pin and gently make a hole through the center of the paper (where the creases meet), as well as at every other corner tab. Overlap the pinwheel corners that have holes, and press the sewing pin through the overlapped corners and then through the center hole.

Once the pin pokes through the back of the pinwheel, add on the bead and then poke the pin through a plastic straw. The bead provides the necessary spacing so that the pinwheel doesn’t hit the straw.

Use scissors to bend the end of the sewing needle so that it keeps the paper pinwheel, bead, and straw together in place. Use a small piece of tape to cover the bent end of the pin.

Display the pinwheels in pots, or anywhere outdoors, to have them live up to their breeziest potential.

4th of July DIY hand-painted pots

Enlist your kids to help transform those old garden pots into summertime showstoppers. Grab some craft paint and brushes to get the decorating started.

4th of July DIY hand-painted pot materials

Materials Needed:

  • Terra cotta pot
  • Red, white, and/or blue craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Painters tape
  • Soil + flowers

To entertain multiple kids, we recommend just putting out some paint and brushes and letting them decorate the pots as they please. However, if you’d like to follow along with our process, read on.

First, wrap painters tape around the pot to serve as a guide while painting. Once straight lines have been added with equal spacing in between, paint the non-taped sections blue.

Let the paint dry, remove the tape, and then paint the remaining sections red. Once the red paint has dried, use a thin paint brush and white paint to add the stars.

Fill the pots with flowers, herbs, or whatever you’d like! You can even add in a paper pinwheel for an extra patriotic touch.

4th of July DIY balloon garland

This balloon garland quickly adds a colorful, fun touch to any 4th of July party decor. You can use the garland outdoors, as an entryway accent, or as a photo booth backdrop.

Best of all, no helium is needed. But you might need the kids to help you blow up the balloons.

4th of July DIY balloon garland materials

Materials Needed:

  • Red, white, and blue balloon assortment
  • Monofilament (plastic string)
  • Scissors

Cut a strand of monofilament to your desired length for hanging the garland; we recommend 6 to 8 feet. Get your family together to blow up an assortment of red, white, and blue balloons.

Tie 2 balloons together and knot them through the monofilament strand. Continue working with 2 balloons at a time until all balloons have been added to the strand. If there are any blank spots in your garland, tie on additional balloons.

If hanging indoors, use tape or push pins at the ends to secure the garland to the wall. If outside, tie the ends of the monofilament strand to a fence, trees, or wherever you plan to hang the garland.

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