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11 Summertime Money-Saving Tips

11 Summertime Money-Saving Tips

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Summer is the perfect season to put cost-cutting ideas into practice. From playing around at public parks to using a backyard clothes line, here are 11 ideas for saving money during the summer.

Chill Out
There’s a difference between cooling your house and re-creating a scene from Frozen. Air conditioning costs skyrocket in the summer, but you can keep yours in check with tips from Energy Saver.

The organization recommends setting the AC to the highest temperature possible where everyone inside is still comfortable. Even moving from 73 degrees to 75 degrees can make a big difference on your bill. Use a programmable thermostat to set the temperature based on time of day and home activity.

Seal It Up
Ensure that the weather stripping around doors and windows is intact so that the cool air stays inside. Replace it if you see gaps.

Happy kids playing on slide

Park It
Admission to amusement parks and water parks can be pricey, so save that green by visiting your local community pool or playground. Most city websites have a parks and recreation page that outlines where the free play can be found.

Set Up a Staycation
Vacations are always expensive, especially if you must travel by air or drive a long distance. Plan a staycation where you spend the night at home but embark on day adventures. Visit museums, cultural attractions, and nearby towns you’ve never been before. Pack a cooler full of your favorite snacks and drinks for extra savings. Backyard camping is also fun!

The Kitchen’s Open
Instead of dining out, eat at home. Your meals will be less expensive — and probably better for you. For kids who are old enough, assign chef duties on certain days. You can even encourage a cook-off! Picnics and backyard barbecues are also entertaining.

Host a Garage Sale
You’ll be surprised how quickly you can make money on items you don’t use or need. Host a garage sale, and use the proceeds for other summertime fun.

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Check Out the Library
What’s the great thing about public libraries, besides the huge selection of books and movies? Borrowing is free! In the summer, many libraries also offer storytelling sessions for young kids, and admission is free.

Go With the Air Flow
Changing air filters will help curb air conditioning costs. Adjust ceiling fans so the blades rotate counter clockwise. This pushes the air down and cools off the area.

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Plant a Garden
It’s fun to watch Mother Nature at work, and kids especially love to grow their own food. Plant tomatoes, strawberries, and other easy-to-grow items, and save money on fruits and veggies.

Get a Ride
Public transportation can be a huge stress reliever. There’s no worry about parking or traffic, and the fares are affordable. Save gas money (and sanity) by taking the train or bus. Carpooling is another great way to save gas money.

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Sun Dry
Most newer clothes dryers are energy efficient, which leads to savings on your electric bill. But you can do one better: Instead of running the electric dryer, try drying your clothing in the sun on a clothes rack or clothes line.

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