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What Does 4-6 Months Same As Cash Mean?

What Does 4-6 Months Same As Cash Mean?

Woman contemplating over a new TV in an electronics storeMaybe you’ve seen it on an ad or social media, “4-6 Months Same As Cash,” but what does that really mean? When you shop at Rent-A-Center, choosing to rent-to-own your items for 4-6 Months Same As Cash option means flexibility, affordability, and getting what you want when you want it. Learn what 4-6 Months Same As Cash means at Rent-A-Center, how this option works, and why it can be the perfect choice for you!

1. What does “Same As Cash” mean?

At Rent-A-Center, we’re on a mission to give people access to the name-brand appliances and furniture they need, when they need them — regardless of the number on their credit score! We do this by allowing you to pay as you go, with flexible payment plans that work with your budget and the flexibility to choose to own it when you are ready**.

But if you decide you’re ready to own the item within either 4 or 6 months, the total you will pay is equal to our cash price. You’ll only pay what you would have paid up front — but you’ll be able to spread it out over a few months! This means you don’t have to empty your wallet for that new brand-name TV or complete bedroom furniture set you’ve been dreaming about. Whatever it is, you can take it home immediately while making affordable, bite-sized payments, and you still have the option to own it for the cash price over a 4-6 month period!**

**Note that whether 4 or 6 months applies varies by state and, in some cases, by product. Talk to your store and review your contract for full details.

2. Is 4-6 Months Same As Cash right for me?

The 4-6 Months Same as Cash option gives you the benefits of paying upfront with the flexibility of renting-to-own! Plus, unlike layaway, you don’t have to wait to take your stuff home! And unlike credit cards, you get to make payments over time without interest. The 4-6 Months Same As Cash option could be right for anyone who needs furniture, appliances, or electronics NOW. But you may find it extra appealing if:

  • You don’t want to use credit: We understand that life happens! Whether you lack credit or have a bruised score from a previous purchase, Rent-A-Center won’t let that keep you from your family’s items. With Rent-A-Center, having a perfect credit score isn’t required to start an agreement. Instead, you can simply provide us with proof of residence, source of income, and personal references. This means you can start enjoying your new items without worrying about negatively affecting your credit score or making a commitment to pay an entire purchase price that gets bigger with interest.
  • You can’t wait: Some smaller items, like headphones and designer purses, can wait. But there are other household essentials that you can’t live without! For example, if your refrigerator breaks, you can’t “hold it in layaway” for weeks till you save enough to pay for it. You need something to keep your food fresh TONIGHT! Choosing the rent-to-own option allows you to immediately replace your household essentials (often with free same-day delivery and set up) while still having the option to own it within 4-6 months, at the same price as if you paid cash on day one!
  • You want ALL the perks:Want to be able to freeze your payments when you’re in a pinch? How about repairs and/or replacements if your rent-to-own item malfunctions? When you rent-to-own from Rent-A-Center, you get those benefits and more, like free delivery, set-up, and the ability to upgrade anytime!

Giving you the option to own your products at an affordable Same as Cash price is what we’re all about! But at Rent-A-Center, we understand that life happens. If you are unable to take advantage of the 4-6 month Same as Cash price, you always have an Early Purchase Discount, so you can own your product for less than the total rental cost.

3. How to Rent-to-Own with 4-6 Months Same As Cash?

Ready to enjoy the flexibility of rent-to-own without paying more than our cash price? Browse furniture, appliances, and electronics online or at your local Rent-A-Center, and start your order. When you sign your rental-purchase agreement, you’ll make regular rental payments so you can enjoy your products right away. When you’re ready to own it at the best price, contact the store within the 4 or 6 months (depending on your agreement) and simply pay the difference between the rent you’ve already paid and the original cash price. Then it’s all yours!

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