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Everything You Need for the Best Video Game Room Setup

Everything You Need for the Best Video Game Room Setup

Man playing a video gameIf you’re passionate about gaming, you deserve a space to call your own—and not just the couch. With Rent-A-Center, you can set up the ultimate video game room fast (and at a low price).

Sourcing video game room ideas to design your perfect space is like building stuff in Minecraft or SimCity—super exciting! Here’s what you’ll need to create the best video game room setup.

Gaming Technology

It all starts with finding a gaming platform that suits you.

First, you’ve got to decide if you want a dedicated console or a gaming computer. As you’d expect, laptops and PCs offer more versatility than a game console. If you love strategy and simulation but still want the ability to check your emails, then a laptop or PC is your best bet.

If you’re specifically shopping for a gaming console, you have a variety of choices. Your top-rated options include the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Sony PlayStation. Check out our side-by-side comparison of these three consoles to find the one for you.

Also, when shopping for a game console, consider the following:

  • Size: Do you want a console that’s smaller and more portable, or perhaps a bigger console that will stay in one place?
  • Power: How much power do the games you play require?
  • Features: Check out the various features that a console offers. For instance, how does the streaming service compare from one console to another?
  • Accessories: What kinds of accessories does your console need to be compatible with?
  • Players: Who will be playing games most often? Young kids? Teens? Adults? Certain consoles are geared more toward kids than adults and vice versa.
  • Games: A critical consideration is that some games are exclusively available on certain consoles. For instance, since Microsoft owns Minecraft, the Xbox is viewed as the best console for Minecraft enthusiasts. Likewise, Mario enthusiasts will only find the franchise’s games on Nintendo consoles.
  • Comfort: Objective factors aside, decide which console feels right! You’ll be spending hours and hours on the console you choose, so make sure it provides a naturally comfortable fit!

On the flip side, if you’re shopping for a laptop or PC, you’ll have to decide between a portable gaming device (laptop) or a fixed one (PC). Check out our laptop buying guide if you need help deciphering storage sizes, processing needs, and other technical terms.

If you want hours of fun and don’t want to wait, check out our selection of gaming consoles and bundles, such as the PS4 S, 1TB + 32″ LG Monitor Bundle.

Playstation 4 and LG monitor bundleBundle Up to Level Up

Great gaming starts with a great console and a superb screen. Get both at an affordable price with Rent-A-Center’s PlayStation 4 S and LG Monitor gaming bundle.

  • 1 TB hard drive
  • Access exclusive games like Days Gone
  • Monitor offers crisp visuals and low input lag

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Video games are a personal choice. You might prefer action-adventure games, real-time strategy games, puzzle games, or role-playing games. (You might even prefer board games!) There are plenty to choose from in every category.

The main question when picking video games is: Who’ll be playing them? Are you seeking a game that you and your kids can enjoy? An educational game might be the right choice. If your teen is the primary game player, then a sports game could be the best option. If you’re an adult, you might want to take a gamble with a casino-inspired game.

Television and Media Center

Want an immersive gaming experience? You’ll need a TV and TV stand! Get a television with a low “input lag,” which refers to the time it takes for a monitor to display an image after receiving a signal.

When buying a TV for gaming, you should also consider the number and types of ports it includes, how big the screen is, and if it has high-definition (or even UHD) display capabilities!

For the media center, storage, style, and sturdiness are paramount. A basic two-tier TV stand might work if you have one gaming console and one cable box, but add a DVD player, audio system, your favorite games, and a couple of controllers and things can get crowded.

The best TV stands for gaming and everyday entertainment help curb clutter and streamline your style. Look for an entertainment center that comfortably supports your TV or monitor and also offers key features such as:

  • Multiple shelves so you don’t have to stack your consoles. Stacked electronic devices can transmit heat to one another and overheat. (The Xbox 360 will actively alert you with “the red ring of death” when the system starts overheating.)
  • Drawers to store extra controllers, headsets, adapters, cords, and video games.
  • Rear cut-outs to run cables between the television and console.


Apart from the technology in your game room, lighting is one of the most important considerations. Too much bright, natural light and you won’t be able to see the luminous colors on your screen. Too little light and, well, it’s perfect!

Hang blackout curtains in the window and turn overhead lights off. Turn on one or two low-watt lamps for ambient lighting and an epic gaming experience. Lighting is even easier to perfect in small spaces.

Speakers and Headsets

A solid set of speakers can really amp up your gaming experience.

When you’re shopping for speakers, consider the size—will they fit in your room? Or will they create too much clutter? Size isn’t everything, though. Look for other essential features such as high-fidelity sound, surround sound, and Bluetooth compatibility.

If you prefer gaming headsets over speakers, you know that comfort is vital. It’s hard to focus on the game at hand when your headphones are too tight, too small, or just plain awkward. To find the perfect pair, compare headsets based on their sound quality, microphone functionality, and sturdiness.


Whether you’re playing on a gaming chair, recliner, or sofa—your experience won’t be much fun if you’re uncomfortable!

When you’re shopping for a new sofa or chair for your gaming room, comfort should be your priority. Does the couch feel good? Does the chair provide the back support you’ll need for hours-long missions?

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the comfiest seating options, you’ll want to consider your space. Think of how each alternative fits with the furniture you already own and the size of your game room. That should help narrow things down further.

Lastly, you need to decide—to recline or not to recline? That’s a matter of personal preference, but if you’re using the gaming room for movie nights, too, we recommend you go for a rent-to-own recliner that lets you lay back and kick up your feet.

Hours of (Comfortable) FunPower recliner by Ashley Furniture

Don’t let uncomfortable seating throw a wrench in your gaming setup with the “Boy Band” Power Recliner by Ashley Furniture.

  • LED lights and a built-in phone charger
  • Made with easy-to-clean faux leather


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Get Your Head in the Game

Did these great game room ideas get you fired up to create your own? Get rent-to-own game consoles, laptops, and even recliners at your local Rent-A-Center. We got your back with the best technology, comfortable seating, and flexible, no-credit payment plans.

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