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Get Comfy! This Is the Best Way to Use Your Computer in Bed

Get Comfy! This Is the Best Way to Use Your Computer in Bed

Time to prop yourself up on a few pillows, open up your laptop, and crank out the next Great American Novel. Or maybe a few homework assignments? Who are we kidding? — it’s time to stream your favorite shows! Learn the best way to use a laptop in bed so that you (and your computer) don’t burn out before the final episode.

Set the Scene

Whether you’re working, streaming, or both, ensure that your bedroom space provides the best possible environment for the task at hand. Consider these factors before nestling into bed with your laptop.

Your mattress matters

To guarantee an extra comfy working (or streaming) environment, ensure that your bed is extra comfy too. Even if you don’t plan to use your computer in bed every day, you’re sure to be spending about a third of your time sleeping there. So, choose a mattress that provides the level of support and comfort your body needs to minimize the potential for any unnecessary aches and pains.

Keep an eye on illumination

Just like the right bed can help avoid aches and pains while using your laptop in bed, the right lighting can help prevent eye strain. If you use your laptop in bed during daylight hours, make sure you’re not facing an open window and ensure that there are minimal reflections on your laptop screen from other light sources.

If you’re using lamps while working at night, make sure that the light is not aimed directly at your screen, as this can create a glare that often leads to eye strain.

Perfect Your Posture

Once your bedroom is ready, it’s time to work on your posture. After all, even the most well-prepared space can’t prevent sore muscles if you adopt a poor body position.

Avoid sitting cross-legged

While it might feel like second nature to plop down on your bed cross-legged, it’s best to avoid this position. As you’ve probably experienced, remaining in this bed-sitting posture for extended periods can cause your legs to fall asleep and your neck to start hurting. When your legs are folded beneath you, blood flow is restricted. Additionally, bending your neck to look at your laptop can strain both your back and neck muscles.

Prop yourself up

The best way to sit comfortably in bed with a laptop is to avoid sitting at all. Instead, it’s best to lie facing upward with your head and knees raised. Then, prop your computer on your knees at a 45-degree angle.

To attain the best position for using your laptop in bed, follow these steps:

  • Lie with your head and back close to the wall or headboard
  • Place a pillow under your neck and behind your back for added lumbar support
  • Lean backward
  • Raise your knees so that they’re on the same level as your head
  • Place your laptop on your knees and start doing your thing

Take Care of Your Laptop

How you treat your body is the key to ensuring you’re able to effectively and efficiently use your computer in bed. But, you should also pay attention to how you treat your laptop.

Before placing your laptop on your lap in bed, you may be tempted to place it on a pillow to ensure an even surface and keep it at eye level. However, pillow propping a computer can cause your laptop to overheat. Overheating can slow down your computer’s processor, make it operate less effectively, and reduce its battery life.

To keep your laptop cool when you work from bed for long periods of time, consider buying a laptop desk (or laptop stand) and a computer cooling pad to prevent overheating.

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