Weekend Project: 5 Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

With pumpkin season in full swing, it’s time to start decorating those iconic fall fruits. While the classic carved Jack-o-lantern is always impressive, it can be quite the mess and require some serious artistry. So if you’re looking for an alternative way to decorate this year, consult this list of five creative ways to decorate a pumpkin that look just as impressive as the classic technique, and are easy enough for family members of all ages.

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Appetizer Ideas: Mini Cranberry Brie Turnovers


The holiday season is upon us, which means holiday parties! For a simple, make-ahead holiday appetizer that can easily travel with you as you go holiday party-hopping, look no further than buttery, flaky mini cranberry brie turnovers.

These turnovers can be baked in advance and served room temperature or reheated in the microwave or oven at your destination. And don’t be intimidated by the brie — it might sound fancy, but it’s easy to work with and tastes great with the berries.

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