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Plan and Save Now for Vacation Fun Later

Plan and Save Now for Vacation Fun Later

Planning and anticipating are part of the fun of a vacation, and saving for such an adventure ensures your family can have a good time without worrying about money. Rent-A-Center brings you seven ideas to help you gear up to go away.

Pick Your Plan. First things first: Where do you want to go? Travel to wine country? Hang out on the beach? Family-friendly adventure park? Pick the destination and travel dates, and then spend time searching for airfare and related vacation costs so you have an idea of the total amount. Start your research phase now, and once you have a cost estimate, you can save accordingly.

Pay Up on Payday. Allocate a certain amount each payday for the vacation fund, and set aside the money the day you receive your check.

Group Affair. Have everyone in the family contribute to the vacation fund, whether that means sharing a portion of a paycheck or allowance. Pick the same day each week to collect the funds so everyone knows what to expect.

Book Early. Keep a watchful eye on websites that offer discounted airfare, hotel rates, car rental, etc. If you see a great deal that meets your travel dates, book now so you don’t pass up a good deal.

Out with the Old. Selling items you don’t use or don’t need can result in big money. Host a garage sale, or use online forums and social media groups to sell items. Put the proceeds aside to use for your travels.

Everyday Dollars Add Up. Whether you use coupons or loyalty rewards (such as fuel discounts, free lunches, 2-for-1 deals), put the savings into a special account. For example, if you save $10 at the grocery store with coupons, then put that $10 aside for your vacation. If you earn $.30 a gallon in gas rewards, then put aside the money you saved filling up your gas tank.

Stay In. Rather than go out to dinner or to the movie theater, stay in. Put the money you would’ve spent into your vacation fund.

By planning ahead and sticking to a savings plan, your perfect trip will be affordable and stress free. You’ll be surprised how quickly the savings adds up.

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