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WFH or Back In-Office: How to Stay Active While Sitting at a Desk

WFH or Back In-Office: How to Stay Active While Sitting at a Desk

Whether you’re working from home or the office, sitting at a desk for extended periods without exercise can wreak havoc on your body. In fact, frequent chair sitting has been linked to obesity, heart and leg problems, poor posture, and even digestion issues.

Ready to take control of your health? Here are a few ways to stay active at a desk job and how prioritizing these activities can benefit your health.

Stay Fit While You Sit with an Under Desk Bike

There are plenty of ways you can stay active at your desk, and one of the most fun might be with an under desk bike. These devices act like mini stationary bikes and allow you to pedal your workday away.

Desk bikes are a great way to get moving, all without leaving your chair. You can go at your own pace and use the bike as much or as little as you want throughout the day. Just make sure your desk has enough height to accommodate your knees moving up and down. If you need to upgrade your desk at home, consider the Mirimyn Black Home Office Desk with Swivel Chair.

Turn Your Furniture Into Exercise Equipment

No gym? No problem! Not only can you find plenty of equipment-free workout classes online, but you can also use the furniture you already have as equipment. That loveseat in your living room or the couch in the office break room can give you the perfect spot for quick couch workouts like tricep dips and single-leg lunges. These exercises are easy to do, don’t take much time, and can be completed during your lunch break.

Rack Up Those Daily Steps

Not all ways to stay active at a desk job involve exercise equipment or workout routines. If you’re looking for simple, healthy changes to make, start by walking more. What this looks like is entirely up to you! Maybe you start taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, or maybe you take a walk around the block during your lunch break at home. You might even consider changing boardroom meetings to walking meetings with coworkers. This is a fun way to get others in on your healthy changes.

Set a Timer and Remind Yourself to Take Breaks

Stress and poor work schedules are both common insomnia causes that you can combat by ensuring you take plenty of breaks. Set a recurring timer on your phone or computer that reminds you to take a few short breaks throughout the day. Use these breaks to go for a walk, get some stretches in, or complete a few equipment-free exercises. Taking breaks and getting active during them can help reduce your stress levels and prevent you from overworking.

Upgrade Your Office Equipment

The right office equipment can go a long way toward your health. A good chair can give you the stability you need for sitting exercises or offer you lumbar support for better posture, and standing or adjustable desks will help keep you from sitting for too long. In an office setting, ask your supervisor about getting a new desk or chair that better fits your needs. If you work remotely, browse home office furniture to find the right desk and chair to go along with your new lifestyle changes.

Whether you’re burning calories from your office chair or getting active with a workout video, Rent-A-Center has all the supplies you need to get your fitness back on track. Shop online or visit your nearest Rent-A-Center location for desks, office chairs, and beyond.

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