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Top Freezer vs. Bottom Freezer: Which One Should You Get?

Top Freezer vs. Bottom Freezer: Which One Should You Get?

Woman scratching head and looking for something in her french door refrigerator A fridge isn’t just another appliance. A fridge is at the heart of family dinners, weekly meal prep, and game nights with friends! We know there are many top-rated, affordable refrigerators out there, and we want to help you pick the right one for your lifestyle—whether you’re considering Whirlpool refrigerators, Amana fridges, or looking into Maytag! So, we’ve compared top vs. bottom freezers to help you make the best choice.

Follow along as we walk you through how top and bottom freezers stack up, showing you the coolest refrigerator for your lifestyle along the way.

Signs You Should Get a Fridge with a Top Freezer

Being the original style of fridge, refrigerators with top freezers are commonly used, widely available, and generally cheaper than bottom-mounted freezers. However, “original” rarely translates to “trendy,” so you won’t find too many on interior design Pinterest boards.

However, depending on your lifestyle and budget, a top-mounted freezer may be better for you. A top freezer is probably the way to go if one or more of the points below describe you.

You’re not a heavy freezer-user.

Fridges with top freezers generally offer less space and storage options up top. If most of your perishable items are going in the fridge rather than the freezer, having the freezer on top will make organizing groceries much easier. Plus, you’ll have your takeout leftovers at eye level when you’re ready to finish them off.

Did you overestimate how long last week’s leftovers would keep? No worries. Get rid of stains, gunk, and smells with Rent-A-Center’s guide to deep cleaning your fridge!

You want a (somewhat) lower energy bill.

Behind every refrigerator is a compressor, located on the back of the fridge at the very bottom. A compressor’s job is to cool down the fridge. Ironically, it generates heat in the process.

A bottom freezer sits next to the fridge’s compressor, meaning the coldest and hottest parts of the refrigerator are in close proximity. This translates to the compressor having to work harder and use more energy to keep the freezer at ice-cream friendly temps.

According to HowStuffWorks, refrigerators are the fifth most expensive appliance to run, following A/Cs, heaters, water heaters, and dehumidifiers. So, if you’re looking to cut your energy bill (or carbon footprint) but you’re unwilling to compromise on your thermostat setting, a fridge with a top freezer could help you get the savings you want!

With that said, many bottom mount freezers do come with energy efficient ratings, so double check your options while shopping.

You want the more affordable option.

Manufacturing refrigerators with top or bottom freezers costs around the same amount. However, as a consumer, you’ll find that bottom-mounted freezers are generally more expensive.

Being the newer and trendier alternative, bottom-mounted freezers come in fewer brands and models, and face less competition than their top competitors. Refrigerators in both styles exist in a range of prices, but due to supply and demand, those with bottom freezers tend to have higher upfront prices.

If your heart and your budget are set on a top freezer, this affordable, stainless Whirlpool fridge is a savvy and sleek option.

You value function over fads.

Currently, bottom-mounted freezers seem to be a bit trendier than top ones. However, with plenty of size options, features, and finish styles to pick from, it’s easy to find a top-mounted freezer that’ll make your inner Martha Stewart proud!

Trends will come and go, but a high-quality fridge can last you and your family years. If you agree, a top freezer could be the top choice for you!

Pros and Cons of a Refrigerator with a Top Freezer
Pros Cons
  • Generally more affordable
  • Energy efficient
  • Freezer and top rack of the fridge at eye level
  • Available in more finishes, sizes, and brands
  • Fewer storage and organization alternatives
  • No pull-out drawer option
  • Not the first pick on Pinterest

Signs a Fridge with a Bottom Freezer is Right for You

Refrigerators with built-in bottom freezers didn’t come into vogue until the 2000s, but they haven’t left the pages of design magazines and foodie’s social media feeds since. Generally speaking, fridges with bottom freezers are more expensive and offer more storage options, with comparable energy efficiency to a top mount freezer. A bottom-mounted freezer may be the right pick if any of the points below describe you.

You keep forgetting items in the back of your freezer.

Remember that spaghetti sauce you shoved into your top freezer a few months ago? If you don’t, we can’t blame you! Forgotten items are common in top freezers.

A big benefit of bottom freezers is that they usually come with more storage options than top freezers, such as drawers and shelves, that let you organize food to ensure it won’t be forgotten. If you’re tired of having to throw out freezer-burnt items, a bottom freezer could be the right choice for you!

You buy heavier frozen items.

Whether you’re buying whole chickens, gallons of ice cream, or both—lifting heavy grocery items into the freezer can be exhausting. Don’t want to get a shoulder workout every time you unload groceries? Consider a bottom freezer! Mind you, you’ll still have to lift things out of the freezer, but you won’t have to lug them overhead like awkward carry-on baggage.

You use your fridge more than the freezer.

You may store a lot of stuff in your freezer, but you probably interact more with your fridge. If you pack lunches for yourself and your loved ones, your back will thank you for choosing a bottom freezer. This is simply because bottom freezers put most refrigerator snack compartments at arms reach, so you don’t have to bend over every time you grab an apple from the crisper or string cheese from the meat drawer.

You’re down to pay a tiny bit more to stay on-trend.

Due to trendiness, bottom freezers tend to be pricier upfront than their top counterparts. However, that’s not to say there aren’t any budget-friendly options out there. Plus, if you go the rent-to-own route with Rent-A-Center, you can splurge on style rather than $$$ with affordable payments on the bottom freezer refrigerator of your choice.

If you want appliances that are both affordable and modern, you can’t go wrong with the best bottom freezer refrigerator by Whirlpool. It has an ice maker, spillsaver shelves, and oh la la-worthy French doors!

Pros and Cons of a Refrigerator with a Bottom Freezer
Pros Cons
  • More storage and organization options
  • Trendier
  • Added accessibility to fridge compartments
  • Minimizes overhead lifting
  • Some have energy efficient ratings
  • Fewer models on the market
  • Generally more expensive upfront cost

Is it time to replace your fridge?

If your current fridge no longer fits your needs, or the cost of repairing a broken refrigerator doesn’t fit your budget, turn to Rent-A-Center! Our helpful staff and easy payment plans will help you get the fridge of your family’s dreams. Compare fridges with top freezers and bottom freezers online and head to your nearest Rent-A-Center to get a brand new fridge today!

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